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Nov 21, 1997 04:47 PM

Cafe es Saada

  • j

Has anyone eaten at Cafe es Saada in the East Village?
Does the food match the atmosphere? (I heard about the
rose petals on the floor.) How were the Morrocan
dishes? Do they do Bistilla?


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  1. I checked out Chez Es Saada a few weeks ago and I
    really enjoyed it. I got more of the French food on
    the menu. The escargots were perfect, tender and
    flavorful. The steak was a little more done than I
    asked for, but presentable. The frites were crisp and
    delicious. My friend got couscous with merguez and
    harissa, which she thought was very good, but it was
    served pre-assembled (rather than with the sauce and
    stew separate from the couscous). The atmosphere (in
    the downstairs part, with all the couches, etc.) was
    really cool- a great place to relax with a group of
    friends and hang out for a few hours.

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    1. re: Sage
      John Kaminski

      I've eaten at Chez es Sada 2 or 3 times in the past
      year. The food is quite good and like everyone says,
      the atmosphere is very cool, dark, and sexy. I would
      recommend dinner during the week, however, if you
      don't like very loud restaurants. I went late on
      weekend night once and it was quite the scene. Great
      for drinking and hanging out, but kind of annoying for

      1. re: John Kaminski
        peter ledesma

        a friend suggested that i had to see this place.
        meaning i should not consider food a top priority but
        its charm . when i went i thought my friend was kiddin
        me - i couldnt find d place! i had to go in and ask.
        when i started going down d dim-lit-stairs w/ petals
        around d floors, it was then that i felt i was being
        seduced n allow myself to be seduced. i luv fountains n
        when i saw a small one n d main dining area, i knew i
        was going back. true enough i went back several times n
        recommended to friends who look for a morocco/french
        cool place n i like d food n service too. somethin i
        could add ... only in new york city.

    2. j
      Josh Mittleman

      Yes, the food matches the atmosphere. The Morrocan
      dishes are quite good -- the Bistilla was decent, but
      not the best -- though we found the prices a bit high
      for what we got. We're used to Andalusia on Cornelia
      St. in the West Village, where the portions are huige
      and the prices are low. But Cafe es Saada was lots of
      fun. It would be a great place to have a party.