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Nov 20, 1997 10:03 AM

Southern Touch

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Came across a place called Princess' Southern Touch , on E1ST between First and A. The sign on the door said "please knock", so we did. The door was opened by an old woman who yelled at us for knocking and informed us that you don't just walk into Southern Touch-- you order over the phone at least a day in advance. "We don't keep no food here. I don't do that kind of shopping. You tell me what you want, I go shopping." Throughout her lecture, the implication was that if we didn't know that already, we didn't have any right being there. Anybody have any info about this place?

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    David Jacobson

    Had the same experience you did about a year ago, but I
    guess we caught her in a better mood. After telling us
    that we were supposed to call ahead, she let us in and
    served up some fine chicken in gray with some real down
    home greens etc., she told us to call ahead next time
    if we wanted something else. You have to bring your own
    beverages including soft drinks. She ordered my friend
    to remove his baseball cap at the dinner table. Worth
    the trip, but do call ahead

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    1. re: David Jacobson

      Thirty years ago she had a place on the second floor at
      the corner of 9th or 10th street and first Ave., called
      "Priness Pamela's". There was also a pretty good
      paperback cookbook called "Priness Pamela's Soul Food
      Cooking" with some great recipes. My copy is long since
      gone, but I remember the house specialty was called
      "Chicken with sauce beautiful", a kind of sweet and
      sour baked chicken. I committed the recipe to memory,
      and will be happy to share it. Just email me.

      1. re: Jon Wolfe
        Frank Language


        Actually, the sign that was up for several years after
        Princess had vacated the space (and the building was
        condemned) was "The Little Kitchen". I remember reading
        about this space in New York Paper (back when it was
        just a B/W rag) and the reviewer said, "Princess cooks,
        and I don't mean the food."

        I haven't been here yet, but I personally have to make
        the trip, since I remember (vaguely) from when I was a
        kid in KY going with my parents to a "White Kitchen"
        run by a Mrs. Spivy, who was known to say, "Save your
        fork for dessert."

      2. re: David Jacobson
        Steve Childers

        I'm coming to New York this Christmas and heard of this
        place and wondered if it's still around. The number I
        found was out of service. Any one know anything about
        it or if it even still exists? Thanks.

      3. Aaron, that's Princess Pamela.

        Not so many years ago she was young, beautiful and a
        great cook. She's had some "problems" in the meantime,
        but has managed to open a succession of eateries, of
        which this is the latest.

        She's gained a lot of weight and is pretty unstable,
        and she mostly has other people cooking for her. While
        the food in that place can be pretty good, it's all
        very sad if you knew her "when"...

        They also have music a couple of nights a week...I
        think Saturday. Amazing that they fit a band (with
        drums!) into that minscule space