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Nov 13, 1997 02:10 PM

Osteria Laguna

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Has anyone tried the new Osteria Laguna on 42nd
between 2nd and 3rd?

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    The name is familiar; is it run by the same people who
    are Sbarro? If I'm remembering right, Ruth Reichl
    trashed them in the Times as Italianoid dreck passed
    off as serious cooking.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      I live a couple of blocks away from it, but have not
      tried it yet. Quite a lot of business clientele from
      the area inhabit it.

      It is NOT owned by the Sbarro/Bice partnership --
      that's Salute (on Madison Ave. & 37th) that got
      trashed by Ruth. Osteria Laguna is the sister
      restaurant of Osteria al Doge (in the Theatre

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        Thanks for the correction, Gary.

        1. re: Gary Cheong

          It's indeed the sister of Osteria al Doge (which has good cheap food for the theater district and is unique in being an Italian restaurant owned by a Frenchman who saw which way the food trends were going.)
          I've eaten lunch at Laguna and had very good pasta with broccoli rabe. It's a good choice for the nabe, which is not exactly full of places where you really want to eat. (Compare it with the vastly overrated Mezze at 43 and Madison.)

          1. re: Irene Sax


            You are right about Mezze being overrated. I have not
            gone back there in more than a year. We experienced
            inept service, and to top it off the server acted like
            it was our fault he messed up the orders. And the
            food is nothing special. Our young man Matthew has
            his hands in too many places.

            I shall have to try Osteria Laguna soon (there
            shouln't be any excuse since I live only 2 blocks

            1. re: Gary Cheong
              Peter Michaels

              Thanks for all the talking about Osteria Laguna.
              I happen to be one of the owners and would appreciate
              any and all followup comments you might hav