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Nov 13, 1997 06:32 AM


  • j

I had lunch here a couple of years ago when it first
opened and thought the food was pretty good. Anyone had
dinner there recently ? I'm thinking of going back.

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  1. If you liked lunch, you'll probably like dinner. I, however, have always found Campagna a bit bland, a place where you can look as though you're really eating but not take in any calories. Which serves a purpose at a business lunch, (see: Mark's Madison Avenue Salad) but has no place in the repertoire of chowhounds.

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    1. re: Irene Sax

      Had the most dreadful experience at Campagna last fall.
      The hostess was racist and homophobic. Although I
      reserved 2 weeks in advance, she pretended our table
      was not ready when my girlfriend and I arrived. 10 mn
      later, seated us at the worst table, the one facing the
      bathroom while the room was half empty. And the food
      was not even good, pretty bland and Irene is right: no
      place on this site.