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Oct 29, 1997 06:14 PM

Real Vieneese

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The Tap Room on 18th Between 5th and 6th.

I spent 2 weeks in Vienna Last year and am using the fabulous beer gardens there as my ruler.

The Tap Room is almost like being there. The beer is brewed there (I have had two types..mmmm!) but controled by the owners brewery in Vienna. The Vienese food is on the money. If you love richness, I highly reccomend the pork leg. and don't miss the cocolate torte for desert. While there is "non" austrian foods, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to try this authentic german food.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that; I've been meaning to go to the Tap Room but heard bad reports from a Very Famous ex-restaurant reviewer (who did, in fact, order pasta with seafood, an odd choice for an Austrian restaurant.)

    Here's what I'm looking for, if it exists. The kind of civilized Viennese coffee shop fare you used to get at Eclair on the West Side. Good bread, butter, pastries, coffee and everything with shlag. Maybe it's a cuisine that died out along with the people who patronized it.

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    1. re: Irene Sax

      Irene, I heard about the pasta with seafood
      disaster (wrong thing to get, but still...) from
      someone else at that meal.

      All indications are that either the Tap Room's
      lost their chef (Wilhelm Thiel) or else he's been
      taking time off. This guy cooks so unbelievably
      well that it's inconceivable that anyone could
      complain about anything he'd prepared.

      I've been twice; second time I brought big guns:
      a haute cuisine expert who pronounced his sauces
      first class, and the proud son of a terrific
      Austrian cook, who pronounced the spaetzle as
      good as his mom's (everything else came close). I
      was in too deep a rapture to offer much comment.
      But since then, two people I trust have given
      mediocre or bad reports.

      Sad...we've needed a great German/Austrian
      restaurant so long hereabouts, and this one only
      lasted three weeks...hopefully they'll get good



      1. re: Jim Leff

        I finally went to the Tap Room with a friend from Vienna. The food was really good--excellent head cheese, pork shanks, cabbage and cucumber salads and a blissful potato-mushroom soup. Big soft pretzels for bread; excellent beer; we ate very well. I know the original chef is gone and he may have been another level entirely, but the fellow cooking there now used to work at Vienna 79 (which was Mimi Sheraton's favorite restaurant.) It's worth trying if you can fight the horde at the bar that couldn't care less about the food.