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Oct 3, 1997 09:44 PM


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Have heard some great things about Verbena down on
Irving Place. Would like some feedback on the menu and
mood of this place. Thanks JK

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  1. I dined there 2 years ago with a group of 6. All meals
    in all courses were winners. Sorry I can't recall any
    specifics, except for an excellent, festive house
    apertif (must of been a champagne, lemon verbena
    something!). The menu offerings were mainly french, and
    I remember the pairings worked exceptionally well--no
    coconut risottos!

    The dining room was comfortably small, and very quiet
    by NY stdns. I'm thinking soothing new-age (but
    tasteful!) country french decor: pale greens, herbs,
    fireplace. Good for romantic dinners, or for an older
    group that prefers a calm dining experience.

    If the same female, chef(/owner?) is in charge, I bet
    it's still very good.

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    1. re: Janet Traub
      Josh Mittleman

      I agree with Janet's assessment. Verbena is very
      pleasant, very good, and fairly expensive.

      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        I had heard many great things about Verbena, and everyone here seems to really like it. However, my experience there was not good. The food was pretty good,however not one of my most memorable meals. The service was AWFUL. We waited about ten minutes at the front before we were seated. The waiter kept dissapearing. A glass of wine ordered as I was finishing my appetizer did not come until I was done with my entree. Maybe I went on an off night, I don't know if i really want to gamble with that much money.

    2. We loved Verbena, especially on their patio. Inside was a little cramped. Service was excellent. They thought they were running a little slow one of the nights we were there, and gave us delightful free appetizers. The thing is, they weren't really that slow. Verbena will always be classy in my book. Haven't been there in a couple of years, a little pricey, but worth it.