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Sep 24, 1997 04:16 PM

Fake Vietnamese in Real Neighborhood

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Three years ago, I told my neighbor, Mr. "Noodles on
28th" (Chinese at 3rd Ave.) that someone should open a
Vietnamese joint in our no-name 'hood. That someone
turned out to be Sam's, the popular competing Chinese
joint (3rd@29th). The new place is L'Annam (diagonally
across from Noodles). I'm sorry to say that this is
not, I repeat not the real thing that I get would get
from any joint South of Canal. Nice "decor" and cheap
lunch ...but in this area I have an astounding pick of
barato Indian, and others....
Now can someone finally recommend a killer Chinese
place in the 5 boroughs? (Please dont say Noodletown,
which does have some good stuff)

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  1. Pearl River on Elizabeth Street is amazing for Chinese
    seafood, although the place is a little dingy. Try the
    buffalo carp with dried bean curd casserole.

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      Buffalo Carp sounds awesome, Sage. Thanks for the tip!