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Sep 4, 1997 09:01 PM

disappointing lunch

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Since we needed a lunch place near the Schomburg
Library (135th St & Lenox)and Charles doesn't open
until 4 PM, we ended up at Emily's on Fifth and 111th.
Got a 21 rating in Zagat(!?)but was both overpriced
($8.95 for a mighty skimpy serving of bland ribs--on a
small plate so it wouldn't look so tiny, I
guess--accompanied by grits and a piece of cornbread)
and devoid of atmosphere. Service was fine--diners at
only one other table. (The one "find" I got out of
Zagat's is Mama's Food Shop in the East Village, so I
was hoping to strike it lucky again.)

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  1. Oh, NO! You went to EMILY'S???

    Zagat is sooo behind the times, and often
    just totally wrong. Serious chowhounds just
    use it as an address directory.

    Emily's was great once, a really wonderful
    spot for baby backs and collards and candied
    sweet potatoes. But it's terribly downhill
    now, overpriced, and the service was always
    bad (you got lucky).

    Live and learn.

    Sorry, my last meal at Emily's was similarly