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Aug 16, 1997 09:49 AM

Tell me...

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..about "Princess Pamela's Southern Touch". I was
wondering where the Princess had gone, and then I
stumbled across this restaurant when I was walking home
one evening. I remember when she had "Princess Pamela's
Little Kitchen" on 1st Avenue and 10th Street (back iin
the bad old 80s); a reviewer in New York Paper wrote in
his review, "Princess cooks and I don't mean the

Also, I'm beginning to think it's a southern tradition
to open your home to strangers and serve them dinner; I
remember when I was a little kid in Kentucky, we would
go sometimes to a Mrs. Spivy's and have dinner at her
home. She called her place "The White Kitchen".
Actually, my mom remembers it far better than I do, and
often recalls how Mrs. Spivy would always say, "Save
your fork for dessert."

I do remember she'd serve red snapper and creamed corn,
or black-eyed peas, or hominy. When I moved down to
Kentucky from Connecticut at age 6, I experienced huge
culture shock that started in the school cafeteria.
They had corn dogs on a stick! And to this day I can't
figure out what "chicken-fried steak" is; maybe I
donn't want to know.

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  1. beth, princess pamela used to be nyc's finest
    soulfood chef. But that was many years ago;
    she's had some difficulties, gained a bunch of
    weight, and no longer cooks herself in her new
    place (around 1st and 1st, roughly). it's a
    real sad story.

    chicken fried steak is merely breaded fried
    steak. If that sounds like schnitzel, it's
    because many Germans colonized Texas, and had
    some influence on the cuisine.