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May 19, 2006 04:15 PM

Diamond's Resturant (formerly of Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ)

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The original owners of Diamond's in Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ are no longer part of Diamond's-Riverfront, River Road. They reopened the Diamond's from Chambersburg to Route 130, Robbinsville, NJ. The resturant is smaller but the food is the same, "excellent." My husband and I have gone to Diamond's in Chambersburg for many years. Did not enjoy the resturant on River Road, it was too loud and did not enjoy the food. We are happy that are back! The food is better than ever!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear this. We used to love Diamond's in Chambersburg and were sad when it closed. My husband took me to Diamond's Riverside for my birthday a few years back and we were very disappointed by both the food and the service. We'll have to make a trip out to Robbinsville soon.

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      if you're ever at the jersey shore in ortley beach (just south of seaside heights) diamond's is open oceanfront from may through september. delish and a fabulous view!

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        I second! And you can take of your shoes and splash in the water when you've finished dinner!

    2. While I know we have high expectations...this was one of the worst meals I have ever eaten! My husband and I frequently "rate" the restuarants that we go to and this one received a generous 3.5 out of 10. We had the baked brie which was so bad - it had a very pronounced smell of amonia and the salad, likely the best part of the meal was a meager 5 out of 10(at least it came with the meal). The entrees were literally tasteless - barely a hint of garlic. The best part of the meal...the wine....which we brought! Do yourself a favor - go to Chilies its better (and half the price).

      For slightly more money, Check out the Ferry House in Princeton, its the real deal.

      1. Food at riverfront might of not been great because shipments were being diverted to Ortley. Thus why the "Diamond" partners are no longer in Ewing. They're lucky their not in jail. :))

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          Yes, I've heard since the 'Diamond' brothers are out at the Ewing location the food is much better. Not sure though why the Diamond's name remains...?