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May 16, 2006 04:42 PM

Cafe Europa in Monroe?

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Just wanted to know if anyone has tried the place and what is on the menu.I cannot find a website. It is on Applegarth Road in Monroe. Formally Domenico.

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  1. Service was friendly, helpful and overall very good and attentive. Food was OK - not fabulous. I raved about the deliciously flavored olive oil which more than I can remember what I ate for an entree. I would say it is good enough for a convenient neighborhood restaurant but wouldn't come from far to visit. Decor is nice but not cozy and personal.

    1. Have been in several times since it opened in late April. Food has always been very good - creative with a great presentation. Have had some wonderful daily specials! Service has steadily improved since opening - with some very experienced waitstaff there now. I think the decor is very nice - will be great in winter when the fireplaces are going!
      Highly recommended!

      1. I have to agree with above. Even though, we only had appetizers, I still think the place was good. Friendly wait staff, nice wine list, interesting menu. I hope they last since they really are buy all 55 and up developments. I wanted to know if anyone has eaten at PARADIS restaurant in the Wawa plaza further down the road? Maybe I will post a different topic for this.

        1. Have to agree with some of the above comments. Ate there recently and food was good but not great for the $$$. My appetizer (one of my favorites) - Carpaccio was okay. Problem was that it was drowned in oil and couldn't taste the beef. They should of put the oil on the table and let me pour my own. Husband has gone there a few times since opened on business lunch or dinner. Says some entrees are just okay.. others very good. A while back mgr or hostess yelled at his waitress right in front of his table over something minor. Considered that poor taste.
          Living in Monroe, I know that a lot of restaurants over the years don't last because of the adult communities, but a lot of new developments around area now and night we were there was busy and patrons were not from communities on a whole. BTW "55" is not the problem.. it's the 65, 75, etc. that is. They are cheap and demanding.
          Haven't eaten at Paradis yet, but do have some comments to post at that topic.

          1. I live down the road from Europa and have been there many times. The food gets better and better. Rib Eye is simply fabulous as is the paella. Nice cozy dining room with fireplace and the service is now wonderful. Jose is a great host and makes the rounds frequently. Great wine list (especially the riojas). The homemade chocolate gelato is to die for. Paradis -- very good. They now have early bird specials which should help them given the area. Food is continental light. The only problem is the place is small and fills up quickly. Saturday nights are packed.