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May 6, 2006 08:35 PM

Mexican in South Jersey?

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Any good mexican places in south Jersey?

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  1. Try La Esperanze in lindenwald.

    Also Totilla press in collingswood is bry good with more upscale selections.

    1. Los Amigos, Rt.73 Berlin

      1. i agree with all 3 above!

        1. Mexican Food Factory, Rt 70, Marlton

          Not just basic tex-mex, although they do that good too (my second favorite NJ chips and salsa - thanks to their green salsa - after Marita's in New Brunswick). Check the tuna tacos, the cilantro-basil dressing on a nice composed salad, and other inventive specials.

          1. I enjoy Los Amigos and Mexican Food Factory but I do love the Tortilla Press!