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Apr 19, 2006 12:17 PM

El Cid Restaurant - Paramus, NJ

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has anyone been to El Cid in Paramus, NJ?...any reviews?..comments...special dishes?

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  1. The Shrimp Gambas are excellent. Jumbo shrimp served with a spicy red sauce with veggies. Comes with yellow rice on the side and they bring homemade sliced potatoes to the table. House dressing on their salads is also good.

    1. Prime Rib is fantastic...HUGE! 2 full ribs! Havent had a bad meal there the few times I have been. Overall I would say better than anyone in Newark has to offer

      1. GREAT Place... GOOD and LOTS of food (but $$$)


        1. I went there about a month ago for a friend's birthday dinner. We had a great time and huge portions of food. I would definately go again.