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Apr 18, 2006 10:16 AM

red bank, nj area

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nyc friends just relocated to red bank, nj area...wife and i are visiting their spacious digs this coming weekend. looking for great sat nite dinner idea - all cuisines/$$ welcomed - great wine list a +! thanks!

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  1. The absolutely best in the area -- and one of the best in the state -- is Nicholas, in Middletown, on the border of Red Bank, where you will find superb New American cuisine, an excellent wine list, and exceptional service. Expensive but worth it! My guess is you'll probably have difficulty getting a table for this Saturday. Certainly worth a try. However, Nicholas now has a terrific alternative. They recently completed a major expansion and are offering bar dining in their new, spacious and very attractive bar room. You can assemble your own tasting menu and will probably end up paying quite a bit less than what it would cost in the dining room.

    Dish is in Red Bank, on White St., just off Broad St. Very good food. The space, which has pleasant contemporary decor, is small, seating is very cramped, and the noise level when the room is full gets uncomfortably high. BYO. Caveat: There is no place inside to wait comfortably if your table is not ready.

    Le Fandy is on River Road, in Fair Haven. We haven't been there since new owners took over, but I've heard the food is still very good. BYO.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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      rgr to the rescue! didn't know your expertise crossed state lines. just snagged nicholas on open table. did notice they say jacket preferred so i know how to pack! thanks!

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        Hey, Harrison, You're too kind. :-) So happens I've got residences in NJ and NYC. Ergo, my "expertise" on both sides of the Hudson. lol

        Lucky you! Snagging a res at Nicholas for Saturday. You're in for a real treat!! As for the jacket question, I'm trying to think if I've ever seen a man without one. Mmmm... Maybe once? I say, pack the jacket.

        Btw, we ate at the bar for a second time a few days ago. Sublime! We love this new set-up because we can just go on the spur-of-the-moment without a res and dress very casually. Even though you will be dining more formally, be sure to stop into the bar for a pre- or post-dinner drink.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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        Ditto on Le Fandy; a friend who just went Saturday night said that the food is as good as ever under the new chef. Looking forward to trying it ourselves.

      3. Buona Serra, on Monmouth St., by the Count Basie Theatre, is one of the best Italian in all of the Metro NY/Area. Try the specials, they are always fantastic. Especially the Veal Chop! Seafood also great!

        1. TedyB - I have to respectfully disagree with you on Buona Sera. While I agree the Veal Chop is not bad (probably the best item on the menu), the food is generally quite poor. The place is a scene however on weekends. For the best Italian in NJ, my vote goes to Fascino in Montclair.

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            Never mind. I just realized I am reading the 4 year old part of this post.

          2. I like Scalini Fedeli (although I still cannot spell it ;o)
            for high end Italian and a few local spots for everyday.

            1. Seal - What are your favorite local spots? Mine used to be Sogno before the Espositos sold it. A sad day in my household indeed.