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Mar 27, 2006 12:00 PM

Madame S in Somerville (Somerset Cty NJ)?

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I just read a review in the weekends' Star Ledger about Madame S on Davenport St. in Somerville. Anyone been? The review was good. Apparently it is the same owner as Origins. Looking for some place good to go this coming Saturday and want to try something new and close to home.

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  1. Its not Somerset City but Somerville about 10 miles west of Plainfield on rte 22 .

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    1. re: Gene

      sorry Somerset Cty meant Somerset County. Have you been to the restaurant?

    2. My family frequents this great restaurant on a weekly basis. The staff is great - they give you a hug upon arrival once they get to know you! Food is fab. I recommend: the dover sole, soft shell crab and duck spring rolls. They also have wonderful, freshly schucked oysters - yummy stuff.

      1. We had dinner there last night. It's on Division St in Somerville, just a short ways down from Origin.

        It's a BYOW place. Great staff and service. Great food: I had grilled salmon.

        The appetizers we had -tuna strips, scallops and a crab cake- were terrific.

        We sat in the bank vault, a private room that will hold a party of six.

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          I have also really enjoyed my meals at Madame S. However, if you are on a budget, I would suggest trying it for lunch, rather than for dinner. A sumptuous lunch for three was about $51., including tip, whereas a dinner for two that left both of us hungry ran over $100. with tip. And, of course, those prices did not include alcohol.

          While the food is excellent, the dinner portions are rather small, especially in view of the prices, IMHO. I don't expect to be fed like a hog at a trough, as they do at those chain establishments that emphasize quantity over quality, but I do think that the miniscule dinner portions at Madame S could be enlarged somewhat. That being said, I will return, but only for special occasions.

        2. I really like Madame S and will definitely return. The food was outstanding though the prices do seem high. On our last visit, our server was not too knowledgeable about the menu and had to get someone else to answer our questions. At least she did. At some restaurants I've been to, the server has made no such effort.

          One other thing - the restaurant can be very noisy when it's full. And since some of the tables are very close together, this is not the place for a romantic evening with your honeybun. It's a great place, however, if you're with a group.