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Feb 16, 2006 09:50 AM

Chinese in Monmouth County

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My boyfriend and I have recently transplanted to Red Bank from Downtown Jersey City. This weekend we are celebrating live-in anniversary. Last weekend we discovered the Asian Market on 35 attached to the Crown Palace Restaurant. The market had a nice selection. Can anyone say anything about the restaurant? We are considering it for our dinner Saturday. Or any good Indian in the area? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been there in about 2 yrs....the food was better then your average chinese restaurant, but also much more expensive, nothing really special about the dining experience. Just FYI In the Red Bank area I think the best everyday chinese restaurant(and I have tried them all) is the Peking Pavilion on rte 35 Shrewsbury, just outside of Red Bank. And they deliver

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      Thanks for the insights. Perhaps we will try it and report back. As for Peking Pavillion? Do you have the #? I yahoo'd and got nothing.

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        sorry's New Peking Palace 732-450-8335 they have a dining room , take out & delivery. Everything I have had there has been very good


    2. I've only been to the Crown Palace in Marlboro (their first location). It was one dinner years ago, and once was quite enough because the food was awful. Perhaps Hounds who have been to the Middletown location will weigh in. If not, you could try it, decide for yourself how good it is, and give us a report.

      The only Indian restaurant in your vicinity that I now of is Neelam, on Route 35, in Middletown. I've never been. From what I've heard, the food's pretty standard stuff. Again, if you try it, let us know what you think.

      1. At lunchtime, the customers at Crown Palace are almost all Chinese which would seem like a good sign but I've never had a really great meal there.

        Here is a link to a review of West Lake Restaurant by Seal:

        I tried it and give it a mixed review based on that one experience. I do plan to go one more time to see if that was typical for quality.

        Shanghai Bun is also mentioned although that's a bare bones place with paper plates and plastic forks.

        There are so many great Chinese and Indian restaurants in the Edison area. If you don't mind the drive, you will be rewarded for the effort. Try the search function for Edison.

        1. Hello:

          Honestly, there is no good Chinese food in Red Bank, and since my in-laws are big landlords there I am truly sorry to say it :o)

          I too love the market next to Crown Palace, and the bbq meats are some of the best I've had outside the city. Unfortunately, the restaurant is only mediocre - not bad mind you, but nothing great.

          Going south on 35 though will quickly bring you to Fort Monmouth and just past it on the left side of the road is a hole in the wall asian place called Far East Taste. I haven't been there in a while, but they had very good food of all asian stripes.

          For Indian food it's worth coming over to my side of Monmouth county in Freehold. Take 537 across and head over to rt 9 to go to Aangan. Their daily lunch buffets are always good and a great bargain for those who can eat a lot. I also have yet to order a bad dish there and the staples are all well represented and all fresh and good.

          I like West Lake on rt 34 for chinese, but I find the thai food in our area is generally better than the chinese food. There is a lot of good quality mediocre chinese around though and if you order well you can even get a decent chinese/american meal at most of them.


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            I second the recommendation for Aangan Indian Restaurant. Buffet is always fresh and nicely prepared. And they bring fresh naan to your table.

            Neelam is Middletown is fine, nothing special. They have no competition to inspire them.

            We've been going to Far East Taste in Eatontown for years. The cooking quality fluctuates from month to month -- I suppose as kitchen staff changes. Lately I've been liking the "chili fish", a new item on the chalkboard menu. The owner catches his own fish. So you get local in-season ocean fish. Lately he's been serving blackfish, which is white, meaty, with a rich taste. This place looks like your standard Chinese takeout, but the cooking has brighter, thai-influenced flavors. It's comfort food. If you go, ask Richard's advice on ordering. You could describe it as a "hole in the wall", but I find it very comforting and welcoming. You can BYOB and they never rush you.

            I like Shanghai Bun in Matawan. As another poster mentioned, it's paper plates and plastic forks. Not a place for a special occasion. I prefer to go Saturday lunch. Sundays are crowded and I think the quality suffers from a harried kitchen. I like the steamed pork buns and the soups on the "dim sum" menu.

            I haven't tried West Lake, but hope to go soon.

            Thanks to lonepalm for mentioning New Peking Palace. It's close to my work, so I will try it.

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              I third that recommedation for Aangan in Freehold. I just discovered a decent szechuan/cantonese place in the Raintree Plaza (near Foodtown and CVS) called the Jade Palace which is also worthwhile and very reasonable, small place great ambiance and food quality.

          2. Has anyone tried the Filipino place on RT 35 in Middletown? It's on the northbound side, in a strip mall, between Navesink River Rd and Chapel Hill Rd. It's called "BSM" and it's next to a karaoke lounge. Teh sign says they have lunch and dinner. I get the impression it's a takeout place.

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              It's called Bistro San Miguel. The one side is a small market, really small. It appeared to me that Filipino cuisine is a kind of cross between Asian and Puerto Rican, by the products available anyway. It was a strange mix of Goya and other products available at the CP market (next to Crown Palace). The lounge side is actually the restaurant, or at least that was what they were planning when I stopped in the market when they first opened. This was about a year ago. Sorry that I can't comment on the food, as I haven't tried it yet. Actually, I think I'll wait for someone to post about the food before I do!_

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                Bistro San Miguel is now closed.