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Jan 16, 2006 02:03 PM

Schickhaus hot dogs

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Grew up eating Schickhaus hot dogs on the Jersey shore. Live in FL now. Does anybody ship??

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  1. Unfortunately, no. Schickhaus franks are made under a private label arrangement by Grote & Weigel for the Jersey market. They are big quarter pounders. You may try and contact this company, as they will ship you their griddle franks, which are the same recipe as Schickhaus, but in a smaller, 6 to a lb size.

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    1. re: John Fox

      You can get them from the WindMill there known food in Jersey. I'm sure you tryed there food if not road by one ,, they deliver them too your door . the big Schickhaus hot dogs, It's the only kind they use,

      1. re: starglow

        It's the only kind they use,

        I don't think that 's true...

    2. Absolutely you can get them. Not sure why John could not find it buy the maker of them, Wennings right in Long Branch ships.
      Wenning Foods is at the same location since 1922:

      556 Broadway
      P.O. Box 504
      Long Branch, NJ 07740

      Tel: 732-222-3085
      Fax: 732-571-5118

      Also Pork Roll Express.

      Nothing says Summer like a good "Jersey" dog. Hope you get to enjoy!

      1. Me too i still buy those also, Some of the Shop Rite stores sell them too the one in Jackson NJ dOES MY Friend said the one in Lakewood nj does also, But the WindMill delivers them right too your door hope this Helps..

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        1. re: starglow

          I believe that the Windmill uses Sabrett.

          1. Wenning Foods ships too all 50 states , heres the number 732-222-3085 ask for Scott they sell Schickhause, Sabrett, Taylor Pork roll almost all Jersey Shore Foods !I know for a fact they use too Deliver too the Windmill im not sure if they still do but my brother worked there and they used Schickhaus at that time..Hope this Helps !!

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            1. re: starglow

              Windmill uses Sabretts...they even have a package of Sabretts you can purchase in the Supermarkets with the Windmill logo.

              1. re: fourunder

                Correct, they look like Schickhaus but are not the same. They do taste different too if you have them side by side. Not that I have tried that ; )

                I prefer the windmill version myself

                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    I've never been to Max's....but I have had the Shickhaus Griddle Frank. I like it and they duplicate and serve it at Deal Golf & Country Club. I haven't had the Sabrett 1/4 pound at Windmill...only the smaller ones.

                    1. re: corvette johnny

                      I just had my first hot dog at windmill in long branch. Holy cow was it awesome! I guess my next stop will likely be max's to compare. I love all the condiments that were available at windmills. I loaded it up with kraut, spicy mustard, pickles, hot relish, and hot peppers. Sat outside upstairs to make my first visit official. I can see how this place created some good memories for NJ natives.

                      I'm also excited to give this shickhaus frank a try. What makes these so unique out of curiosity? All beef? Natural casings?

                      1. re: LifeGeek

                        I'm a big fan of the Windmill, especially when compared to Max's. For Memorial Day they hosted a benefit concert with South Side Johnny playing from the rooftop seating area, sadly I missed it. Both Max's and Windmill have been reviewed on here if you care to do a search. Max's over cooks their dogs in my opinion, the skin is tough like shoe leather. I do not enjoy a Max's hot dog.

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          I heard about that concert and was sad to miss it as well. From this post it seems windmill uses sabretts, but I've heard many people mention shickhaus and understand max uses these. You also mentioned the spicy shickhaus which seems like it would be in my wheelhouse. What is the main difference between sabretts and shickhaus if one were to cook them with the same consistency? I love finding these type of cool regional finds. I must have eaten pork roll everyday for months when I first moved to NJ. :).

                          1. re: LifeGeek

                            I am not enough of a hot dog connoisseur to share an educated opinion on the differences in brands. I just know what I like and that is the Windmill above all others.

                            For home cooking Delicious Orchards on 34 in Colts Neck has something called a Spicy Dog which is absolutely awesome in my opinion. A thicker hot dog, it has ground hot peppers in it, delicious, I highly recommend.

                            1. re: LifeGeek

                              Are new in the area Lifegeek? Windmill dogs rule!

                              windmill > max's (hands down)

                              Please tell me you got some cheese fries too? That is a must

                              Windmill dogs are tastier in my eyes over shickhaus but both are great. They are similar but if you actually eat them side by side, you will see what I meant. You can get windmill dogs at local Foodtowns

                              1. re: corvette johnny

                                Yes, I am fairly new to the area and have loved so many spots thanks to you chowhounders. I didn't get the cheese fries as I was on a bit of a food crawl that day and almost put myself in a coma finishing with the windmill dog. I will be going back soon for another dog and cheese fries for sure.

                                Jr, the dog you describe at delicious orchards sounds amazing. I'm going to head there as soon as I can. Maybe I can do a trifecta and have the spicy dog, max's, and windmills.

                                1. re: LifeGeek

                                  Just a FYI the spicy dog's at Delicious Orchards are sold at the deli counter, not cooked. Delicious Orchards does have a food stand outside, however they do not sell their spicy dogs there you will have to take them home to cook/consume. (I haven't been to the out door food stand yet this year, but as of last season they weren't serving spicy dogs)

                                  1. re: jrvedivici

                                    Very good to know. I will pick up some next time I'm there.

                                2. re: corvette johnny

                                  don't forget 2 for 1 senior special on Wednesday at windmill also very good.. !!

                                  But my favorite is still Thumann's natural casing dogs are the best there are on a BBq grill.