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Feb 14, 2002 02:59 AM

A supplement to Sunset Star review in the chron this week

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Robin Davis reviewed Sunset Star this week in the Chron, but somehow missed the fact that it had a very strong Szechuan bent. I think the only Szechuan dish she covered in the entire review was the wontons in chilli sauce.

Good stuff from the kitchen includes Szechuan dishes like ma po tofu, couples delight a.k.a. tripe and beef in chilli/sesame sauce (on the wall). The Szechuan cold noodles are a favorite of mine.

old link for said noodles from last year can be found here:

A very typical Szechuan dish - beef in chilli sauce is not on the menu, but I requested it once a year ago and the kitchen complied with a fairly good version.


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