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Feb 13, 2002 11:54 PM

Milpitas Chowhound Gathering at the Fu Lam Moon - Report [long]

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My husband and I were the last to arrive, thanks to the never ending traffic on the dumbo. So here I am trying to remember every tasty morsel.

Since we were late, the orders had already been decided on. So, I have no idea whether it was a democratic process or whether everyone deferred to the decidedly superior knowledge of Han Lukito, who very generously organized the whole thing.

The others attendees were Lorraine, Karen, Ika, Sathish and I.

Now for the food. We started with Geoduck (whoever came up with this name?). According to the waiter, the body/tube was served sashimi style with pickled ginger and wasabi. The rest of the geoduck (hat/top) was served with salt and pepper. The pieces were battered and fried with salt, pepper, green onion and chilli.

Next came shredded dried scallop soup. I think this was my favorite dish of the night.

The next orders all arrived in fast succession.

Scallops with a sauce that held a slight hint of ginger. Delicious.

Mixed vegetables- Baby bok choy, dried mushrooms, snow peas and bamboo pith. The bamboo pith was the surprise of the night. It looked like it should be seafood and tasted a littly spongy with a great crunchy texture.

Salt and pepper Lobster. Battered lightly and fried. Melt in the mouth.

Peking duck served with steamed buns and a hoisin-like dipping sauce. The last time I had Peking duck it was in Australia, and there it was served on small pancakes with green onion and hoisin sauce. I have to say I prefer it that way.

There were many groans at how much food we had ordered but not surprisingly we didn't have too much left over.

The restaurant served us a complimentary dessert. It was a warm, green-eye (I made this description up) bean soup.

Here comes the best part of the night. Han took the entire group on a stroll around this asian strip mall where the restaurant is. We trooped into a restaurant with a "just looking today" and checked out the selection in the display case. We then window shopped at each of the other eating places and Han shared his picks on the menus.

3 hours later we all went our way with many a promise to do this again soon.

My very first chowhound outing was a resounding success.

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  1. Just remembered some things I forgot to mention:

    The service was very good. At 6.30, only a third of the tables were taken. By the time we left at 8.30, there was not many tables empty. Service was consistent though.

    The tab came to $22 per person.

    The decor was much the same as any cantonese place you would find. Had large chandeliers. I don't think there is a private room here.

    The restaurant is part of an Asian strip mall with many food offerings. I have seen this place overflowing on the weekends.

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    1. re: shants

      Nice feast, thanks for writing it up. Geoduck is one of my favorite things. I liked the part about window chowshopping! This makes chowdown #11 in 2002.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Looks like us chow fans in NY need to do less debating and more chowhounding. Even Boston is mo' busy than NYC so far this year.

        1. re: wrayb

          Last year we had 24 gatherings, and we're almost half way to that mark in less than 6 weeks of 2002! If you could take a break from the Guss pickles monitor duty, maybe you could get out more... (vbg)

    2. We had the dinner right on Chinese New Year by coincidence.

      My favorites were:
      - Peking duck: great sauce, soft buns and good skin and duck meat. Mmm mmm mmm.
      - Clams: the sauce had the hairy things in them. The clam is just so so but the sauce was intriguing to me and taste pretty good.
      - Lobster: deep fried, not overly floured - tasty.
      - Geoduck: fresh from the tank

      From looking at the other tables, I saw some enticing dishes:
      - Smoked sea bass: the outside has red colouring. Looks very tempting
      - Assorted appetizers looks tempting too.
      - Crabs that were HUGE in size.

      Those are for next time I guess.

      Our chowhound group are truly comprised of people deeply interested in food (except my wife - she just enjoy eating the food that's all). We talked about food, food and more food as it should be. A little digression here and there was also good. We had fun that night - good food, good conversation, good company !! God is good.