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Nov 30, 2005 07:24 PM

Best Dishes in Monmouth County NJ

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I am curious to see what Chowhounds call their top five favorite dishes in Monmouth County restaurants. I read a post like this a while ago on the Southwest board when I was planning a trip to Las Vegas. I'll go first:

---- not in order (that would be too hard) ----

1. Steak @ Copper Canyon (A Highlands)- always perfectly cooked with that delicious chimmi churri green sauce on top and excellent french fries.
2. Spinach and american cheese omelet @ Steve's luncheonette (Sea Bright). Greasy spoon but great eats.
3. Cheeseburger @ Barnacle Bills (Rumson). 10oz on a toasted hard roll.
4. Seared foie gras @ Fromagerie (Rumson). Cliche? Maybe, but they do serve a large well prepared and sauced portion.
5. Tandoori chicken (not from buffet) @ Neelam (Middletown). Not the best Indian in NJ and their buffet is lame but the TC off the menu is juicy and delicious.

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  1. That's tough Pete. I usually leave the county for noteworthy food. With that said, I like:

    Fish Tacos at 10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar.

    Spicy beef noodle soup at Shanghai Bun in Matawan.

    I'd be interested in any reviews/recommendations for Rasnoosh in West Long Branch

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    1. re: Lauren

      I loved the food (competing with what I tasted in Israel), but it took more than an hour after ordering our food. It was Saturday night and we didn't have a reservation for the belly dancing show, and I'm not sure if that impacted our speed of service. Worth a visit, but bring your patience.

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      1. Experienced Monmouth County hounds - we need your input for this important survey.

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        1. re: Pete Sucato

          It's fun reading all the responses. I learned of some places I hadn't known about.

          I hope lots of people will post their "Monmouth County Best Dishes" -- even if it's only one or two items.

          1. re: Val Ann C

            1st post ever.1) steak at copper canyon(by the way it's not chimmi churra sauce it's pasilla(mexican pepper)and some crushed nut.
            2) Cheese steak at ciao bella navesink
            3) Chicken Giacomo @Jimmies
            4) extra cheese pizza @Nunzio's Long Branch
            5) Cowboy chilifrom Whole Foods Middletown with whatever toppings you like and the mini baguette they sell right near it.

            1. re: bjt

              Thanks for posting! Where is Ciao Bella? Is it near the A&P?

          2. re: Pete Sucato

            That's a hard one. Can't say that I go to any restaurant for any particular dish except maybe:

            pizza: Pete & Elda's, Neptune

            Ice cream: The Blarney Cone, Spring Lake

            Hot Dogs: The Windmill

            Tuna Steak (rare): The Shipwreck Grill in Brielle

            Pho Soup: Bamboo Leaf, Bradley Beach

            1. re: SusieQ

              Pizza: Feds in Freehold

              Ice Cream: Jersey Freeze Freeehold

              hot dog: Maxs Long Branch

              rack of lamb: Matisse Belmar

              Crispy shrimp Matisse Belmar

              Chinese Cystal Palace Marlboro



            2. re: Pete Sucato

              It really has been fun to think about it. Not so sure that I can come up with five, though.

              I loved, loved the grilled shrimp salad with avocado at Copper Canyon a couple of weeks ago. Not really a salad kind of gal, but the shrimp were so perfectly done, all juicy and crunchy with just a taste of grill. Plenty of avocado, too, it was a winner.

              The foie gras with quince at Indigo Moon is outstanding, really excellent. I remember another table sending over their unfinished bottle of sauterne and I will love them forever for it.

              Pete and Elda’s pizza, for sure, although I must say that I like Freddie’s in Long Branch and Luigi’s in Little Silver nearly as well (and Val’s in Rumson for sentimental reasons).

              The chicken tostadas stand out at Acapulquenos in Long Branch.

              And there is a terrific pastrami and chopped chicken liver sandwich at a deli in the Freehold area, but I’m darned if I can remember their name. Not Fred and Murray’s. Tennent Road? Yah!

              1. re: Deb Van D

                We've been to Acapulquenos twice recently. Good both times. I liked the beef tacos and the chicken tostada. Thanks to Deb, Bob, and other chowhounds for writing about this place.

                I'm always looking for good tamales and theirs are pretty good.

                1. re: Val Ann C

                  "I'm always looking for good tamales . . ."

                  There is a little Mexican grocery that recently opened on Route 71 in Manasquan - Sus Tiendos (I believe). Anyway, the guy that runs the place sells some pretty righteous homemade tamales out of a slow cooker on the counter . . . for a dollar, I think. Not really a selection available, just the flavor du jour, but good solid chow. Take heed, however, the jalepenos are the real deal, lip-tinging, hair on your chest variety.

                  1. re: MGZ

                    MGZ - Thank you so much for mentioning the tamales. I have been to Sus Tiendos several times and never paid much attention to that crock pot. I was just so happy to find a local place with fresh Mexican products (Acme just doesn't cut it with its box of cilantro and limp veggies).

                    Decided to stop in tonight to pick up some tamales for dinner. They were delicious!! I can't wait to go back. It looked to me like they had some in the back refrigerator - couldn't tell if they were cooked already. I may have to keep a few at home for a quick snack.

                    I also picked up a "glass" of salsa de arbol. Yum!

                    1. re: missybean

                      They have a righteous salsa verde too.

                    2. re: MGZ

                      Thank you. This will be most definitely checked out.

              2. Steamed pork buns; Spicy slow-roasted beef noodle soup
                Shanghai Bun, Matawan

                Braised "Pulled " Suckling Pig, pureed parsnips, Cinnamon Jus, Beet greens.
                Restaurant Nicholas, Middletown

                Whole fish, cooked however Richard recommends that day
                Far East Taste, Eatontown

                Sunday lunch buffet (I've heard the Thurs evening buffet is even better.)
                Aangan, Freehold

                Italian hot dog -- easy on the mustard.
                Ricci D, Keyport (Thanks to John Fox)

                The very best:
                Dinner at home... Filet mignon purchased at Sabato's Prime Meats, Belford. Fresh vegetables from the Red Bank farmers market.

                1. Pete & Elda's for pizza (of course)

                  Marinated grilled pork burrito with hot sauce from El Meson, Freehold

                  Prime rib (on the bone) from Charley's Ocean Grill, Long Branch