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Feb 13, 2002 11:31 AM


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has anyone been to the roy's in the city? i've been to the one in carmel and the ones in hawaii. is it as good? is it true it's part of the same corporation as outback now?

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  1. Tonya, here are some comments on Roy's in SF and Spanish Bay from December to hold you until you get some fresher answers to your question. In the future, you can locate these yourself by loading the message board and using the "find" function in your browser. And, yes, Roy's now has an affiliation with Outback.


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      Piggly Wiggly

      Sadly, no, the Roy's in the city is not nearly as good as the one in Spanish Bay, whicb is the only other one I've been to. The atmosphere, for one, is totally different. If you go to Roy's in SF on a weekend, you're bound to find loud group birthday parties, tourists, and families - definitely not the quiet, romantic atmosphere they had a Spanish Bay. The food, possibly because of the atmosphere, didn't taste as good too. I can think of other places to go to other than Roy's that would reward a more satisfying experience.

      1. I was at Roy's in SF recently and would consider it in to be competent but too pricey. The service was fine, the appetizers we ordered (pot stickers and satay) were over priced. The main course (one of their meat and fish combos) was stacked, which I'm starting to find rather tiresome. The duck I liked the fish I didn't.

        I prefer the location in Honolulu - the gracious service, better atmosephere and food.

        1. I've only eaten at Roy's in SF once, and it was a disaster of a meal. The service insulted our intelligence, telling us things existed in dishes when they didn't. "Yes, sir, your dish is mochi-crusted halibut. Mochi is a sweet soy-based sauce." (Huh?) There was neither soy nor mochi in the dish -- and it was flavourless. Did they forget to flavour it? Another waiter backed up the first (after "checking with the kicthen") and the dish was not returned. The other dishes were just boring. Also, everything was overpriced.