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Oct 31, 2005 10:42 PM

good dinner place near Shrewsbury, NJ

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Hey all,

My son and I are headed to a comic store in Shrewsbury, NJ to learn how to play Magic the gathering and for some good family bonding. My son has been telling me all about this game and I am finally giving in to try to play since its free and I've always wanted to make it down to Red Bank and see what the buzz is about that town.

The problem is I'm not really familiar with the area there. In also a little confused because I looked at the website for the store the Magic event is held at and saw its at 55 White Road.

But looking at mapquest there seems to be multiple White Roads in the area. Can anyone from around there explain that one?

Anyway the thing is on a Saturday (Nov 19) from 1-3pm so we are looking for anything to do in the area near Shrewsbury or Red Bank (movies,stores,events) and also someplace to get either a good burger or Italian dinner (figure we will just grab lunch before we leave). Any suggestions?


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  1. I’m trapped in Shrewsbury five days a week, and I could find this place blindfolded. There is a White Street in Shrewsbury and a White Road about a block away. Irritating, but I guess when we find a good theme we go with it.

    If you are coming from the Parkway, follow Newman Springs Rd (Rte 520) East until it intersects with Rte. 35. Right on 35, left at the next light, White Road. The shop you are looking for is a scant quarter mile down and on the left, immediately before the railroad tracks.

    The phantom White Street is two traffic lights further South and completely residential. Stay far, far away.

    It is fun to walk around Red Bank, at least it is in good weather, and leaving the comic store you will need to head back North on Rte. 35. It is a short drive and you will be on Broad Street, the main drag. There are lots of interesting places to poke into. You are duty bound under the circumstances to visit Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, 35 Broad St. And Hobbymasters on White Street (it’s another White St., don’t even ask) is always fun. Stroll down Monmouth Street, too, and grab a slice at Mr. Pizza Slice if you are inclined. If the weather is fine, it is fun to stop for a very good sub at Elsie’s, 74 Monmouth St. and then walk to the river and enjoy Marine Park on the Navesink.

    Restaurants abound, although some are better than others. The Bistro on Broad St. is pretty good, as is the Front St. Trattoria (31 W Front St, toward the river). For adequate grill fare, Murphy Style Grill is centrally located on Broad St. Buona Sera is on the corner of Monmouth and Maple near the Count Basie Theater, good, huge portions, not inexpensive. You would need to drive to it, but Basil T’s Brew Pub may suit, 183 Riverside Ave. And if you happen to be looking for that burger in Shrewsbury, The Pour House serves a good one, 640 Shrewsbury Avenue. Virtually across the street, too, is Rosina's Ristorante, pretty good Northern Italian byo.

    Good luck with it.

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    1. re: Deb Van D

      I read you're stuck in Shrewsbury - - can you recommend an upscale restaurant near Newman Springs Road. A steakhouse, Italian restaurant with good service? Thanks.

      1. re: holly monday

        Something off the top of my head, although somewhat west of Shrewsbury, is right on Newman Springs Road, The Lincroft Inn. I'm attaching a link to the report of someone whose opinion I value:

        And very near there is Luigi's, really quite good Italian, byo. The room is attractive enough, can get noisy, but the food is more than respectable.

        650 Newman Springs Road, it is all the way at the back of a small sort of strip mall, just before the intersection of Middletown-Lincroft Road, right turn from westbound lane.

        Steakhouse? Forget it.

        1. re: Deb Van D

          I appreciate your kind words, Deb. Unfortunately, my positive comments about The Lincroft Inn are totally outdated. Chef Hambrecht left some time ago (for a co-ownership deal at the Stage House, in Scotch Plains), and from what I've heard, the food has reverted to its previous nothing-to-write-home-about status. :-(

          There is an "upscale" steakhouse possibility in the general vicinity. Manhattan Steakhouse is about 15 minutes from Shrewsbury, on Route 35, near the intersection of W. Park Av., in Ocean (the town, not the county). It is not part of a chain, has quite a handsome interior, and the one time we had dinner there, we thought the food was pretty good.

          About 15 minutes in a different direction there is What's Your Beef, in Rumson. It's been ages since we last tried it, but I hear you can still get a pretty good steak there.

          1. re: RGR

            Argh. Thanks for the update on The Lincroft Inn, since I had sort of put on the Larger List. Scratch that, then.

            Truly, the last time we were at What's Your Beef? some months ago, we felt that the steaks were only fair-to-middling; nothing special and hardly a bargain. If salad bars are your thing (they're not mine), theirs is fine. It's a decent meal, but the place seems kind of tired.

            Must give Manhattan Steakhouse a try one of these days. The Larger List.

            1. re: Deb Van D

              Thanks for your What's Your Beef? update. Not that it was on my "go to" list, but for anyone who might be considering it, it's good to have a current assessment.

              1. re: Deb Van D

                Deb - For steak, I would definetly try Manhattan on 35 (Jaime the owner is a great host). I would however stay away from Danny's across from the Galleria. Brennans in Long Branch is another decent choice. As far as other restaurants in Red Bank. My current fave is Dish with Teak being a close second and Bistro bringing up the rear. I'm not a fan of Buona Sera or Basils. Sogno on the other hand used to be my most favorite restaurant until the owners sold it a few years back. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

      2. Deb Van D gave some solid advice in her post - you can't go wrong there. Silent Bob's should definitely be on your agenda considering the nature of your trip. I especially like Basil T's for moderately priced and very consistent Italian and Elsie's for subs.
        My two cents - check out Red Bank then go on to Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson NJ. It is only a ten minute drive from RB and they have some of the best burgers I can think of (10 oz cooked how you order it on a toasted hard roll). Nautical decor is kinda cheesy but kids like it as well as chucking the empty peanut shells on the floor. –Pete

        1. For a steakhouse, what about Ashes in Red Bank? They give a nice piece if meat! :) (That sounds so strange.) We have always enjoyed meals here.

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          1. re: Angelina

            Angelina, what's the latest on smoking ban at Ashes? As a cigar bar, are they now non-smoking?

            1. re: HillJ

              Hi HillJ! Last time I was in Ashes was August, and the bar was LOADED with smokers. Cigars, cigarettes, and God only knows what else some of those chicks next to us were smoking!! :) ha ha

              I have not been back, so I want to say yes they do still smoke. I also saw an ad that they are now opening the VIP room upstairs??

              I don't know what makes it a VIP room, but o.k.

              1. re: Angelina

                Thanks, I wasn't sure. I also realized after posting that the OP was back in my recommendation isn't going to help much :) opps! Hey happy new year btw!

                1. re: HillJ

                  Yes, but October of 2005!

                  But, still good for new info now.


            This is the closest I could find to site info but Eurasian Eatery in Red Bank is a great place for lunch/dinner. Closed mondays. Wonderful menu, great prices located in Red Bank.

            My favs are the curried lasagna, chopped salad, mango iced tea and homemade desserts to die for (cheap enuf to order two).

            Every meal is served with fresh homemade bread. Take a chance!