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Aug 15, 2005 03:49 PM

lasagne in bridgewater area

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my husband is hosting a card game for the guys this weekend and i wanted to order a lasagne for them. any ideas on a good lasagne in the bridgewater/somerville area? thanks.

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  1. Luna Rossa / La Pizzeria in Bedminster can probably help you out. They are just a few minutes up Route 202 from Bridgewater area.

    They do good "red gravy" type foods and according to website offer a half tray (8-10ppl) for $40 and a full tray (20 ppl) for $90.

    The pizza place is next to the actual restaurant but they share the same menu with pizza/takeout prices slightly less for a la carte.

    1. Alfonso's in Somerville might be able to provide what you are looking for. I suggest giving them a call to find out if they will make a whole lasagna for take-out.

      1. Looking at the date on the original post (August 2005), how or why it comes up more than a year later, after getting zero responses last year, is a total mystery to me.

        1. Won't help the original querier, but K&S Italian Specialties in the Somerville Circle Shopping Center is, IMHO, the best source for prepared Italian in the area.