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Dim Sum in Central Jersey?

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We used to love the dim sum at King's Castle in Princeton. But while passing by recently, we noticed that they had gone out of business or changed hands. Does anyone know where to get some good, authentic dim sum in the Central Jersey area? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Try Wonder Seafood on Rt. 27, in Edison. They are definitely authentic, and very good.

    1. Try Wonder Seafood on Rt. 27, in Edison. They are definitely authentic, and very good.

      1. Shanghai Park (the restaurant that took King's Castle's place) serves Dim Sum on Sat & Sun 11-3. Don't know how good it is, haven't had a chance to try them yet.

        Tel: 609-924-6034

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          Is this "Shanghai Park" releated to the wonderful "Shanghai Park" in Highland Park? If so, this is a great find in itself.

          Yes...dim sum isn't from Shanghai and the place in Highland Park is known for its authenticity, but they have great snack foods and dumplings and a large weekend breakfast following of their own.

          Link: http://www.brianyarvin.com

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            The Shanghai Park in Princeton is owned by the same people as the one in Highland Park. Here is a link to the announcement.

            Link: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?BR...

        2. Sunny Palace on Rte. 18 just south of the East Brunswick Square Mall is very good, as is Dynasty on Rte. 22 in Green Brook (www.dynastim.com). Little bit further out but King's Chef on Route 1 south of the Woodbridge Mall is also very good.

          1. There is a Dim Sum in Hamilton, NJ on Rt. 33. Never been, but I was there for dinner and they have authetic chinese food (noodle soups, etc) as well as American chinese. Our food was good, I'm assuming the Dim Sum is better than okay.

            1. Does anyone know if King Castle has opened another location in the area? Why did they close, when the seemed to be doing well?

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                Dim Sum served daily, and carts on weekends @ 1-9 Seafood, Route 1 north Avenel.

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                  Dim Sum also in Middletown, NJ, Marlboro, NJ, and Matawan, NJ. Crown Palace (first two) and West Lake.

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                    The Dim Sum at Crown Palace in Marlboro is wonderful and authentic. We meet there with friends once a month and it never fails.