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Jul 11, 2005 06:48 PM

Just moved Atlantic Highlands/Middletown area

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Just moved from NY, already miss the restaurant choices.
Anyway, I have been to many of the suggested restaurants in Red Bank and other surrounding areas for dinner on the weekends... But I'm looking to find some of the basics. You know, suggestions for a good slice of pizza, chinese, bagels, the everyday stuff. Again I live on the border of Atlantic Highlands and middletown. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. Welcome to the nabe! Don’t give up on the food here, we are in the fight together.

    There was some good information fairly recently, so I am recycling it. This area is pretty feeble for Chinese, but if you would like a field trip, try Shanghai Bun in Matawan (952 Rte 34).

    My favorite pizza in the area is Luigi’s in Little Silver. They had opened another nearer to you on Rt 35 in Middletown, but it didn’t stick, sad to say.


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    1. re: Deb Van D

      The Luigi's in Hazlet on Middle Rd & Laurel Ave. is supposedly the 'original' Luigi's 'Home of the Square Pizza". I know that they have been there for about 40 years, and I much prefer them to the one that was on Hwy. 35 for a few months. Apparently the one on 35 was bought from (in name only) from the originals former partner. They also opened one in Hazlet on RT. 36 that didn't last either.

      1. re: Drew

        I do believe that the "original" Luigi's was in Red Bank, on the corner of W Front St and Shrewsbury Avenue. It was there when I was a little girl, and just never mind about that. Wouldn't swear to it, though.

        By the way, always REALLY liked the pizza at The Brothers, W Front St, not far away.

        1. re: Drew

          The "Luigi's" on 35 was terrible...just a conveyer belt factory, basically. I used to go to the Hazlet one (Middle Road) in my high school days and still do occasionally. It's very good. Also, Romeo's on Union Avenue (off of Middle Road) is excellent.

      2. The one in Lincroft has been there for at least 20 years. Great thin crust pizza (not the best around, but very good, and better than anything within 10-15 miles). The restaurant is very good, too. At corner of Newman Springs and Middletown/Lincroft-Swimming River.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I look forward to trying them!!

          1. There's a relatively new pizza place on Rt 36 in Hazlet or Union Beach. It's Called Antonia's. It's in a litte strip mall on the Westbound side of 36 before you get to Union Ave (lucky 7 deli and lighthouse fishery are also in the strip mall.). They have an amazing Old Style Sicilian. It's square with crispy medium thick crust. Each piece has a slice of fresh mozz on it and fresh garlic and basil. I have to say it's a tiny bit inconsistent. Some days it's been a little greasier and more well done than others. But even on their bad days I think it's the best pizza around. We LOVE it. I've also had their panini, also very good.

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            1. re: lolly318

              Lolly318 - I've been there 6 or 7 times, and love it. I posted once before about the place. I love the Old Time Sicilian, as well as the Pizza Margarita!!! I have tried the paninis before (when they were in Keyport - sans pizza) the were good too - but the Pizza great!

              1. re: Herm

                Tried it yesterday as I had been to the old place in Keyport and that was O.K.
                This place is far inferior IMO.The place looked dark and dingy in comparrison and the slice I tried end up in on of the numerous dumpsters that sit adjacent to the building.The demeanour of the guy who served me was weary,showed no interest in service and his dirty kitchen attire did nothing to inspire me to return.Marsall gas oven I believe, just like Petes on the Bay.Brick Oven.....Mutton dressed as lamb.

                1. re: xny556cip

                  I'm suprised that it was that bad, just as I'm suprised that the place was 'dirty'. On my numerous visits to the place, it has never been anything other than spotless. (just as was the former location) I had an old style Sicilian last week and loved it yet again, I actually believe that the pizza is getting better each time. As far as the oven goes, I actually couldn't care less what brand it is as long as what comes out of it is good.

                  1. re: Herm

                    Sorry for the confusion Herm I never said the "place was dirty",The reception / counter area is poorly lit,and the cashiers attire was as described.I know from experience that working in the kitchen can be a dirty job,but if that's the case then the guy making the dough etc. shouldn't be handling the counter unless he is presentable in appearance.Most Pizzeria operators manage to pull this off reasonably well.The type of oven IMO is tremendously important when describing a pizzeria as it is a strong indicator of what style of Pizza is going to be ( should be ) coming out of the oven.Gas ,Electric,Coal,Wood or combos all impar subtle (and not so ) differences to a pizza,that's why operators generally spend a premium on a particular type and use it in thier name / promo blurb.Nine times out of ten i'll drive bye a pizza place unless It has been recommended to me or thier is another special reason to tempt me in.Usually it's the type of oven advertised.Unfortunately for me after vising the old Keyport store I had favorable expectations,maybe I had set my sites a little too high.

              2. re: lolly318


                I'm not exactly sure when Antonia's went under but I noticed at the beginning of the month that the place has now gone out of business.

                1. re: clownshoes

                  Yes ,I drove past yesterday and noticed that it was closed also.I believe I saw the Seafood place up for sale also,so I suspect that it may not be far behind.

              3. Welcome!! I also live in the Atl. Highlands/Middletown border (in Navesink actually) and I suggest that you try everywhere in Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.
                Julia's, Copper Canyon, and Harborside Grill in Atlantic Highlands are good (I just haven't tried all the other's yet :) )
                Neil's, Windansea, Inlet Cafe, Off the Hook, and the Sugar Sack are all good in Highlands.....

                Explore and report back!

                PS The cheesesteaks at Ciao Bellas on 36 on the way to Highlnads, in the Quick Check plaza are to die for!

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                1. re: Jen_in_NJ

                  I see from the original July posting I'm a little late with this but what the heck. Just my 2 cents.
                  Hey Jen, don't give them all of our great food hangouts:), they'll get overcrowded! Just kidding, I live in Nav. also and second all of those picks. Also to me two of the best(and very good $$ wise)) are Foccaceria on Rt. 36 and Bay Ave. Trattoria in Highlands. Both are BYOB and the food is outstanding.
                  I think pizza from the Brother's in Red Bank is still great when you eat it there.
                  Chinese is still good from the Crown Palace(most of the time) on Rt.35 in Midd.

                  1. re: jefk

                    I'm going to have to agree with jen in nj, ciao bellas steaks are killer. The pizzas are outrageous as well.