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Jun 19, 2005 10:39 AM

LA hound new to VA Beach/Norfolk

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Help, I need all the recs you have. Where are the ethnic rests, w/oh so much spice and flavor? How about daily farmers' markets? Ethnic grocers, great wine lists, etc.... I'm from LA - will motor for remarkable food.

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  1. Nawab's on First Colonial Road in Virginia Beach has some really good Indian Food. The Thai restaurant in Loehmann's Plaza in Virginia Beach is good. Then there's P.F. Chang's in the Town Point Center of Virginia Beach, but I've never eaten there. I heard their Chinese food is good though. Hope this helps.

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      I think the Loehmann's Plaza thai place is Bangkok Garden. I love Thai food, but have generally been disappointed by that place. Not bad, actually, just mediocre.

    2. I'm also from LA and just moved here. There's a Farmer's market by Tidewater Community College on the weekends. And as far as Nawab goes, it's like the only indian restaurant and I was less than pleased. I've eaten a lot of indian food and I wouldn't rank their taste very high. The Spice was fine but it's like they put in all pepper and no herbs. PF Changs is great (pricy and more americanized than most chinese food). So if you are looking for authetic this probably isn't want you want but I love them regardless.

      1. Rajput, in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk is very good. Their chef is well respected and has a decent wine list. Rom Thai, in the Ward's Corner neighborhood of Norfolk is very good, authentic Thai food. There is a Korean restaurant in Va Bch that is good but i don't remember the name. The Asian market on Great Neck Rd in Va Bch has very interesting produce, usually the Organic Food Depot stores on either Granby St in Norfolk or Holland Rd in Va Bch are good for produce. The Farmer's Market way out on Princess Anne in Va Bch has good produce(not all organic though) There is a farmer's market in the Five Point area of Norfolk and one at MacAurthur mall on weekends but i can't speak first hand.
        As far as wine lists go...Terrapin Restaurant in Va Bch, Lucky Star in Va Bch, Todd Jurich's in downtown Norfolk and especially Vintage Kitchen (located in Dominion Towers) in downtown Norfolk all have ridiculous wine lists. you also must try Bardo in Ghent!
        good luck and Enjoy!