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Jun 16, 2005 01:52 PM

Great PA Dutch Market in Kingston, NJ

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There is a great PA Dutch farmers market just north of Kingston on Rt. 27. They have excellent fresh, non-hormone and antibiotic-injected beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, and rabbit. Also fresh sausages, wursts, cold cuts, keilbasa, and bacon, including a honey-glazed bacon, which is my favorite.

The bakery sells good breads, excellent pies and really good layer cakes that taste homemade, among other things. Their white layer cake with chocolate icing is my standard of what one of those should taste like, as is their blueberry pie.

A short-order food stand serves sausage sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc., which are OK but that is not the reason to go here. Except for the fresh soft pretzels and the cheese dogs wrapped in pretzel dough and baked. They're great. And milkshakes using their own-make ice cream. MMMMM. But I digress.

The real reason to go here is for the rotisserie meats and other ready made foods to go. You can get whole or part rotisserie chicken, baby back ribs (highly recommended with their BBQ sauce, which is very good) duck, turkey legs and breasts, goose, and keilbasa. You can even get ready cooked meatloaf (although it looks pretty dried out to me). Their roasted sliced ham and turkey breast are as good as it gets. They also sell rotisserie vegetables along with all of the usual PA Dutch sides, including very good mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, scalloped apples, etc. You can put together really great meals from this place.

I usually get a cheese dog or the rotisserie chicken legs for lunch, which are done really well and have tons of flavor. Today I tried their fried chicken for the first time. Fabulous. I'll never bother to make my own.

The same people run a similar market in Newtown, PA., so if you live near there you may want to try it out instead. You'll probably find most of the same items from the same family farms. Now that it's summer and the fruits and veggies are coming into farmers markets everywhere, I won't visit any of the major grocery chains until October unless I need toilet paper. LOL.

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  1. where in newtown is the market? is it as exstensive? sounds great!

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      I've never gone to the one in Newtown, only Kingston since I work nearby. I get adverts in the mail from the Newtown market that have the same farm names and its not that far away, so I'm guessing its fairly similar. A farmers market is listed in the Yellow Pages at 2150 S Eagle Rd, which is probably it. I've heard there is a similar PA Dutch market in Flemington, NJ, too. There are likely to be some variations among them but still worth checking out.

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        Do you know if the Kingston market open on Sundays? e.g. everything Amish in PA is closed on Sundays

        1. re: JugglerDave

          Thursday-Saturday only. That's been the case for all of the Amish markets I've been to in the PA/NJ area. Oh, and I neglected to mention that the Kingston market does a pig roast the last Saturday of every month. I've never been because I live in PA. I wonder if the Newtown market does it too.

          1. re: Ellen

            Yes, they do! I go to the Newtown market on a weekly basis. Can't recommend it enough!

        2. re: Ellen

          i've been to the Flemington Market, also open Thurs-Sat on 202 behind Shop-Rite. Haven't eaten their buffet yet. Various booths, including food, candy, snacks,spices and crafts. Next to a dollar store. Worth exploring.

      2. I respectfully disagre wtih Ellen's enthusiasm...over sweetened baked goods, canned fruits, saturated pie fillings, foamy white bread....meats are ok for middle of the road selECtions...beef is fatty, chicken is fresh, but not plump...dairy is not near as good as nearby venues...have you been to Griggstown Quail? main Steet Baked Goods? Chery Jill or HoneyBrok Farm? Pls, skip the Amish, they are, to me, a mediocre outpost garbed in a bonnet...

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        1. re: kim

          Different strokes I guess. Yes, much of it is typical Amish fare, not all of which is good, but some of it is. I never said everything there was great, just that there were a lot of things worth getting if you know what to choose, especially the rotisserie goods. Everyone I know loves their blueberry pies, even if they do come from a can. I am quite pleased with their chicken. It's very fresh and not scrawny at all. I'd rather eat chicken and turkeys that have not been "plumped" with hormones and chemicals anyway. The pork there is also very good. Beef is or is not fatty depending on what cuts you choose. I agree that the dairy is just OK. However, they do sell a full fat Peaqua Valley Farms yogurt that is quite good. I go to Halo Farms in Trenton for milk and the Trenton Farmers Market for produce and quality butters, cheeses and breads.

          In the end, I'd rather support small farmers of all kinds, including the bonneted Amish, than the chemically-dependent agribusinesses supported by Giant, Acme, Superfresh, etc.

          I fail to see the attraction to Main Street. It is one of the most mediocre places around. They catered my office for years so I'm quite familiar with their offerings. We finally stopped using them because of the indifferent food, including tasteless salads and stale sandwiches. The desserts were the only things that were edible.

          And please elaborate on the other places you've mentioned. I've never heard of them or seen them mentioned on this board. It would be helpful to know exactly where they are and what they offer that is so superior.

        2. Would you happen to know the phone number of the Kingston, NJ market?

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          1. re: laurie

            I had to contact that market with a question once, and someone who answered the phone at Beiler's meats, 609-683-5260, was able to help me.