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Jun 3, 2005 01:51 PM

Solomon's Island, MD update needed

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I hope there's still good food to be had in Solomon's, but it's been five years since I've had the pleasure. I've heard that the prices have been going up and the food quality going down.

Now that I'm back in the area, can anyone fill me in on the current Hot Spots for Hounds? What is the recent scoop on CD Cafe, the Dry Dock, and Stoney's? And how's the Tiki Bar these days?

Where can I go to not be let down?

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  1. Pleased to answer any questions you may have -
    Dry Dock - still a fine place - they've has some ups and downs in the last 5 years (never really bad, just not as good as they could be), but lately they've been great. CD Cafe is still fabulous - we ate there twice this week - the specials are always the thing to get if you like fresh fish. I'm addicted to CD Chicken. They've opened a little bar in the back that does small plates that are well worth trying. The scallop BLT is my favorite. The desserts are still well above any in Solomons. We ate at Stoneys at Broome's Island last night - its still a bit early for crabs, but we had crabcakes, steamed shrip, fried shrimp and soft shells. My husband really enjoyed the softshell platter, thought they were really done well. He had softshells last week at Dry Dock, too, and thought they did a good job as well. Stoney's now has a branch on Solomons, but I prefer the Broome's island location for food and the outside dock. Stoney's has bought the Solomon's Pier restaurant, and has renovated it top to bottom. They hope to open by the July 4 weekend. Jeannie said that they plan a different menu than Stoneys, and will keep the Stoney's Kingfisher open on Solomons as well as opening the new restaurant. The Tiki bar is the same - warm beer and strong drinks. For location and sunsets, the Solomons Pier dock bar can't be beat, once it reopens. China Harbor has relocated to the shopping center (near Woodburns). They are still putting out decent chinese food. DiGiovannis (italian on Solomons) is distinctly down right now, although I've never been overly impressed with their food. My favorite crabcake right now is at Clarks Landing (St. Mary's, Hollywood). My favorite BBQ joint is Bear Creek (St. Mary's, Calloway). Monteray mexican in the San Souci plaza (St. Mary's, California) is really pretty decent. For a special dinner, the Brome Howard Inn in St. Mary's City is great. If you're looking for takeout, try the new Blue Wind Gourmet - wine shop, deli, with good, fresh food. Let me know if you have any questions - hope this helps!

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      ps - the Lighthouse is the same. Overpriced, boring food, although some people love it. They have added a deck bar w/ half price apps at happy hour that is supposed to be good and fun. We'll boat there for lunch occasionally. My husband likes the calamari, greek salad, and fish sandwich.

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        Wow, Amy, thanks for all the info! I live up in Huntingtown and can't wait to get down to Solomons this weekend.

        I do have one question -- where would you (or your husband) recommend for the best take-out soft shell sandwiches? That's what I'm currently dying for.

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          I can't say I know of any place for take out soft shell sandwhiches. It would seem that the crispy shell would suffer in the take out part. My husband says the the softshell platter he had at Stoney's on Broomes Island were the best of the season so far.

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            Richard Saunders

            The Tiki Bar has gone through some serious changes with new owners. Details are at

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        I have to say, you're pretty spot on in for the restaurant reviews. As an update, Solomon's Pier is indeed open and the remodeling turned out great though their not quite finished. I was there last Friday for the first time in several years after consecutive bad experiences. Live band and a great atmosphere led to a good time. However, draft beer in the outdoor bar was warm and they didnt seem to have a full menu yet. The layout is really good though for just getting together with friends and listening to some music. Will comment on food after I my next visit.

        One more thing, for those interested in Crab Imperial, Clarks Landing still has the best and I agree that their crab cakes are better than Stoney's though the Washington Post doesnt seem to agree.

        CD Cafe is still the consistently best place to eat by the Island.

      3. Boomerang's Ribs...not only are the pork ribs sliding off the bone, but the secret is in the thick, sweet w/ hint of sour bbq sauce ever!!! Let the ribs swim in it...and the price is right, service fast, and you always leave rib place in Maryland