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Feb 11, 2002 10:21 AM

two dinners in the Napa Valley

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We have two nights in the Napa Valley in March and have narrowed our restaurant choices to three: Terra, Martini House, and Bistro Jeanty. Which 2 get your vote? Or....are we off base in choosing these 3? We have no culinary requirements other than really good food, but French Laundry is out of our price range.

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  1. I have always enjoyed Mustards in Yountville but haven't been in awhile. Bistro Jeanty has been getting good press- see the link below for a rave review. I plan to go soon because of this.


    1. i highly recommend bistro jeanty. sorry i couldn't find my review from last november. our meal was perfection, as was the service and we had a baby with us. we had the best bread pudding i've ever had, bar none. coq au vin (a must), mussels, salad, vegetarian tasting, rabbit terrine, and several other things. they all showed great care and beautiful ingredients.

      lucy gore has given the martini house a big thumbs up so you might want to give todd humphries a try.

      terra has been getting mixed reviews on this board lately.

      wherever you end up enjoy yourselves and don't forget the mustard festival is going on so you'll probably be able to find some fun activities to do besides taste wine.

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        Thanks for the imput on my behalf, Rochelle.

        We eat up & down this valley often, due to out-side visitors & taking clients out. Jeautny is where we always go, and the next favorite has been the Martini House. The meals are always excellent, well executed, you feel you can trust the staff and relax. (that's why we go out, right?) I have never found the Martini House anything but overly willing to serve. Maybe that can come off as indifferent. Take control and enjoy!

        Terra is an absolute win over-all. Bon Appetit!

      2. By all means do Terra and Bistro Jeanty. You may also want to consider Miramonte in St. Helena (next door to Terra)...the food is more reasonably priced and absolutely wonderful.

        Stop by Martini House for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere...but do not stay for dinner. We found the service incredibly pretentious, the meals highly overpriced, and...well...just not that good.