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May 25, 2005 09:41 AM

Best Dining for a group of couples in Burlington & Camden Counties??

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I'm planning a dinner with 3-4 other couples and we're trying to think of some new places to go to. we all live in either Burlington, Mt. Laurel, Delran, or Hainesport so we can go anywhere from cherry hill to Collingswood, Marlton to Medford, or where ever...we just want to try someplace new and not end up at Champps, PJs or some other sportsbar. we don't want to go to some fancy expensive place, but we also want to be a little more upscale than Jays elbow room.....
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. If you like Japanese/Sushi, and you haven't already been there, go to Sagami on Rte. 130 in Collingswood. We live in Philly and when we really want sushi, we always head there.

    I believe it is also BYOB.

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    1. re: Ray

      While Siris is very good, its a little overpriced for my taste. I am in Delran, invite me and wife too LOL.

      Heres 3 where you can't go wrong:

      -Sakura Spring Oriental Cuisine upscale Chinese/Sushi restaurant, without upscale prices. BYOB its on RT.70 next to Syms 856-489-8018

      -Chez Elana Wu Restaurant 910 Haddonfield Berlin Rd, Voorhees BYOB Location: 910 Berlin Rd., Ritz Center
      Phone: (856) 556-3222

      -These 3 are owned by the same family so either of them are great. All are BYOB. We usually go to the one in Cherry hill.

      Tarantella Restaurant
      128 State Highway No 70
      Medford, NJ

      "Table of Friends"
      1603 North Kings Highway & Route 70 Cherry Hill, NJ
      856-616-1600 Fax 856-616-1611

      Italian Grill
      408 Stokes Road
      Medford, NJ 08055
      609-714-8800 Fax 609-714-8813

    2. We also like Sagami, but you must have reservations in advance. Also, like most Japanese food, plan on moderate expense and a long, leisurely meal.

      We love the Italian/Creole cooking at Melange always pleases. See Chef Brown's website:

      The French/Asian fusion at Siris is also very good in a nice setting (once you get past the stripmall on Route 70).

      All of the above are BYOB

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      1. re: dave

        WIll 2nd Siri's. Make SURE you try the Scalloped potatoes. Best ever.

      2. If you could narrow down the style of food that
        you would be looking for, I think that I can help
        I have been dining with a group of couples for almost
        15 years now. We are partial to BYOB's. We try new
        places on a regular basis.

        Sometimes there are 6 of us, sometimes there are

        It sounds like you want good old Americn food but
        you want to break out of the Champs or PUB mode.
        What is your budget range? Is $15-$22 too much for
        an entre?
        Send me your home e-mail address and I will give
        you some very good options.

        Take care.


        1. Thanks everyone for the info....the places you all have mentioned are great and are ones that I already love and frequent regularly. glad to know that some other people love those places too!

          oh and just as an addition to the japanese places you all mentioned, if you like Sagami, you might be suprised to find out how good Makado is on Rt 70 next to Top dog, or their new place on Lenola road in Maple shade (next to the moorestown mall) its a hibachi and sushi place...very good!

          I also love Jasmine Oriental Cusine on Rt 70 in Medford, next to the Acme. it would give Sakura Spring and Elana Wu a good run for their money.

          if any other diamonds in the rough come to mind, let me know!
          thanks again!

          1. This is probably a little late. But if you are ever looking for another place, try Peppino's on the White Horse Pike. I forget the town. But it is close to Glendora. I can find out for you if you want.