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Apr 23, 2005 09:12 AM

Best Food in Bergen Co, NJ

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Where are your favorite places in Bergen Co to get bagels, pizza, chinese, mexican/texmex, bbq, fried chicken, burgers, thai, sushi, mideastern, deli, salad bars/salad, breakfast, upscale, diner, steaks, italian, latin american/spanish, wings, etc?? Share your thoughts!!

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  1. Bagels--Three Star Bagels, Teaneck
    Pizza--Bergenfield Pizza, Bergenfield and Mangia's, Glen Rock
    Chinese--Hunan Wok (take out), Fair Lawn and Empire Hunan II (eat in), Teaneck
    Mexican/TexMex--Three Chicas, Wyckoff
    BBQ--Cubbys, Hackensack
    Fried Chicken--Popeyes, Paramus/Teaneck
    Burgers--Smith Brothers, Ridgewood
    Sushi--Minado, Little Ferry
    Mideastern--Taboule, Ridgewood
    Italian Deli--Frankies, New Milford and Piccolos, Ridgefield
    Jewish Deli--Noah's Ark, Teaneck and Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
    Salad--Whole Foods, Ridgewood
    Breakfast--Country Pancake House, Ridgewood
    Diner--Gotham Diner, Ridgefield
    Steaks--Mortons, Hackensack
    Italian--Andreas, Waldwick
    Latin American--Columbia Villa, Hackensack
    Wings--Smith Brothers, Ridgewood

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    1. re: mrg149

      Didn't know that Smith Brothers was so good..have to try it someday...However, the Pancake House in Ridgewood is AWFUL!!!!

      1. re: syber

        I don't know what all the hype is about Panacake House in Ridgewood. I also think it's awful! Half cooked pancakes and to top it all off the place doesn't haver real maple syrup! Give me a break. A line out the door every weekend for nothing.

        1. re: James Whelan

          Don't you know? Wooders don't go for the food; they go to be seen and to make sure they don't miss anything!Anyway, Kinchley's in Ramsey challenges for best pizza, Johnny and Hanges in Fair Lawn best dogs, any Fuddruckers still has best burgers. Upscale still has to be Cafe Panache after all these years.

          1. re: letseat!

            One more, just came back from Silver Oak American Bistro in Ridgewood, opened a month ago. Something very different, great food.

            1. re: letseat!
              Nick Gibietis

              Kinchley's is really the best pizza in this country! I live in Cranford and we drive out of our way to go there! Over 40 Miles!

              1. re: Nick Gibietis

                Cant go wrong with Kinchley's, however they are not even the best pizza on franklin turnpike! Roxannes down the road is better. That being said its a different kind of pie( you can't get margarhita at kinchleys of course).

                1. re: swanny

                  Roxanne's also opened in Paramus. Neither is to my liking, but it seems popular.

                  1. re: swanny

                    Great salads at Roxanne's, too. My kids love this place!

              2. re: James Whelan

                I never understood the Hype about The Pancake House in Ridgewood. I have tried it a few times and always wished I went somewhere else.

          2. Thai - Wondee's in Hackensack

            1. chinese--china 46 in ridgefield
              fried chicken---the fireplace in paramus (off rt. 17)
              steaks--river palm in edgewater

              1. I visit Englewood Cliffs 2-3x per year to see the in-laws so I'm interested in this thread. Our favorite Italian is Patsy's in Fairview and we always return back there when we visit...

                Husband's favorite lunch spot is Callahan's in Fort Lee for hot dogs.

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                1. re: C'ville Mel

                  Callahan's is great, as is its neighbor Hiram's (Hiram's does a deep fried Thuman's dog, similar to Rutt's Hut).

                2. Hackensack's got a few of those covered:

                  Pizza- Brooklyn's Pizza
                  Coal oven style

                  Burgers- White Manna
                  Oniony, greasy belly bombs (fast food style)

                  Thai- Wondee's and Bangkok Gardens

                  You may want to post this request on the Tri-State board as well, you may get more responses.