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Best Food in Bergen Co, NJ

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Where are your favorite places in Bergen Co to get bagels, pizza, chinese, mexican/texmex, bbq, fried chicken, burgers, thai, sushi, mideastern, deli, salad bars/salad, breakfast, upscale, diner, steaks, italian, latin american/spanish, wings, etc?? Share your thoughts!!

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  1. Bagels--Three Star Bagels, Teaneck
    Pizza--Bergenfield Pizza, Bergenfield and Mangia's, Glen Rock
    Chinese--Hunan Wok (take out), Fair Lawn and Empire Hunan II (eat in), Teaneck
    Mexican/TexMex--Three Chicas, Wyckoff
    BBQ--Cubbys, Hackensack
    Fried Chicken--Popeyes, Paramus/Teaneck
    Burgers--Smith Brothers, Ridgewood
    Sushi--Minado, Little Ferry
    Mideastern--Taboule, Ridgewood
    Italian Deli--Frankies, New Milford and Piccolos, Ridgefield
    Jewish Deli--Noah's Ark, Teaneck and Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
    Salad--Whole Foods, Ridgewood
    Breakfast--Country Pancake House, Ridgewood
    Diner--Gotham Diner, Ridgefield
    Steaks--Mortons, Hackensack
    Italian--Andreas, Waldwick
    Latin American--Columbia Villa, Hackensack
    Wings--Smith Brothers, Ridgewood

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    1. re: mrg149

      Didn't know that Smith Brothers was so good..have to try it someday...However, the Pancake House in Ridgewood is AWFUL!!!!

      1. re: syber

        I don't know what all the hype is about Panacake House in Ridgewood. I also think it's awful! Half cooked pancakes and to top it all off the place doesn't haver real maple syrup! Give me a break. A line out the door every weekend for nothing.

        1. re: James Whelan

          Don't you know? Wooders don't go for the food; they go to be seen and to make sure they don't miss anything!Anyway, Kinchley's in Ramsey challenges for best pizza, Johnny and Hanges in Fair Lawn best dogs, any Fuddruckers still has best burgers. Upscale still has to be Cafe Panache after all these years.

          1. re: letseat!

            One more, just came back from Silver Oak American Bistro in Ridgewood, opened a month ago. Something very different, great food.

            1. re: letseat!
              Nick Gibietis

              Kinchley's is really the best pizza in this country! I live in Cranford and we drive out of our way to go there! Over 40 Miles!

              1. re: Nick Gibietis

                Cant go wrong with Kinchley's, however they are not even the best pizza on franklin turnpike! Roxannes down the road is better. That being said its a different kind of pie( you can't get margarhita at kinchleys of course).

                1. re: swanny

                  Roxanne's also opened in Paramus. Neither is to my liking, but it seems popular.

                  1. re: swanny

                    Great salads at Roxanne's, too. My kids love this place!

              2. re: James Whelan

                I never understood the Hype about The Pancake House in Ridgewood. I have tried it a few times and always wished I went somewhere else.

          2. Thai - Wondee's in Hackensack

            1. chinese--china 46 in ridgefield
              fried chicken---the fireplace in paramus (off rt. 17)
              steaks--river palm in edgewater

              1. I visit Englewood Cliffs 2-3x per year to see the in-laws so I'm interested in this thread. Our favorite Italian is Patsy's in Fairview and we always return back there when we visit...

                Husband's favorite lunch spot is Callahan's in Fort Lee for hot dogs.

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                1. re: C'ville Mel

                  Callahan's is great, as is its neighbor Hiram's (Hiram's does a deep fried Thuman's dog, similar to Rutt's Hut).

                2. Hackensack's got a few of those covered:

                  Pizza- Brooklyn's Pizza
                  Coal oven style

                  Burgers- White Manna
                  Oniony, greasy belly bombs (fast food style)

                  Thai- Wondee's and Bangkok Gardens

                  You may want to post this request on the Tri-State board as well, you may get more responses.

                  1. Fireplace in Paramus for burgers, steak sammy, roast beef sammy, basically any sandwich.
                    Italian Riveria in Waldwick for Italian food.
                    Pizza has to be Lenny's in Ridgewood

                    1. Bagels--hot bagels, fair lawn
                      Pizza--Brother's pizza, midland park.. franklin lakes pizza, franklin lakes
                      Chinese--man hing (take out), Fair Lawn and Ivangies (eat in), Ridgewood
                      Mexican/TexMex--On the border, paramus
                      BBQ--Cubbys, Hackensack
                      Fried Chicken-- Chicken Galore, fair lawn (take out)
                      Burgers--Smith Brothers, Ridgewood
                      Sushi--East. teaneck
                      Mideastern--Taboule, Ridgewood
                      Italian Deli--genarellis, glen rock
                      Jewish Deli--Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
                      Salad--Whole Foods, Ridgewood
                      Breakfast--Country Pancake House, Ridgewood
                      Diner--GForum, paramus
                      Steaks--Mortons, Hackensack
                      Italian--Aldos, Wyckoff
                      Latin American--dont know
                      Wings--Bennigans, saddle brook

                      1. Going to see my father in a few weeks. Haven't been back to NJ in years. I found this post while doing some research for places to take him. It's 3 years old and am hoping some Chowhounds would update or add to the old posters replies. Thanks

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                        1. re: smokechop

                          BBQ--Cubbys, Hackensack -- the worst food and the worst price!
                          best lox, etc. - petaks in fair lawn
                          diner - forum???? gone for years -- where have you been?
                          steaks? Mortons? Overpriced, not Ruth's Chris, not Peter Luger's...awful -- go to a hole in the wall called Christians Grille in Garfield. he gets his steaks from Kansas City. Awesome! and you can BYO
                          Italian? North Bergen...DiPalma Brothers

                          1. re: smokechop

                            A lot of the recommendations made in the old threads still hold up. Here's mine:

                            Bagels--Hot Bagels, Fair Lawn - By a landslide. Maybe the best bagels in the country.

                            Pizza-- Turvino's, Glen Rock (Brick's was the best, but alas, they're gone.) Nellie's Place in Waldwick or Kinchley's Tavern in Ramsey for bar pies.

                            Chinese-- Lee Garden in Waldwick for hole-in-the-wall take-out. (Try the chicken and shrimp in brown sauce! Unebelievable, and something I've never seen anywhere else!) Man Hing in Fair Lawn is also good. For sit down, although it's technically Szechuan, Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove is unbeatable.

                            Mexican/TexMex--Hacienda, Paterson. El Norte in Lodi is also good.

                            BBQ--Bourbon BBQ, Wyckoff (Not much to choose from in this category.)

                            Fried Chicken-- Chicken Galore, Fair Lawn - Big portions, low prices, great food!

                            Burgers-- Hmm. I'll say Five Guys in Hackensack

                            Sushi-- Not a pro on this. I usally just save up and go to Minado in Little Ferry every few months. Best Japanese/sushi buffet ever! Wasabi in Ridgewood is very good too.

                            Mideastern-- Don't know a lot about this either, but Chicken Kebab in Glen Rock makes some great stuff, including awesome gyros. The owner is a great friendly guy too.

                            Italian Deli-- Vitamia in Lodi. Italian Riviera in Waldwick and La Strada in Midland Park are also excellent.

                            Jewish Deli--Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock. Petak's in Fair Lawn is a solid second.

                            Salad-- ?

                            Breakfast--Country Pancake House in Ridgewood. Huge portions, low prices (hard to find in Ridgewood)! Small place, insanely busy for breakfast.

                            Diner-- Land and Sea in Fair Lawn, or Matthew's in Waldwick

                            Steaks-- River Palm Terrace - Three locations - Mahwah, Fair Lawn, and Edgewater

                            Italian--Andrea's in Waldwick

                            Latin American-- Sabor in Hawthorne

                            Wings-- Nothing incredible in this category, but Wings Over Carlstadt is very good and probably the best in the area. Bennigans used to make the best wings on the planet, until they destroyed the recipe (along with everything else) a few years ago.

                            We do have some good food here in North Jersey!

                            1. re: zhelder

                              Wings Over Carlstadt closed..

                              1. re: zhelder

                                Turvino's has the worst pizza I have ever had in NJ. Disgrace.

                                1. re: andi

                                  Agreed. It approaches inedible.

                                  1. re: tommy

                                    I agree too. Turvino's barely passes......I like Kinchley's Pizza (Mahwah), Nellie's Place (Waldwick), Brooklyn Pizza (Ridgewood) and POLICE pizza (which is really Anthony Franco's or something like that) on Route 17 N in Paramus.

                                2. re: zhelder

                                  Pancake House in Ridgewood is not worth the wait or the money. Don't understand why so crowded because the food is awful

                                  1. re: shiloh15

                                    Silver Spoon Cafe from Pequonnack will be moving to Ridgewood (in June/July), and, I think, give the Pancake House some serious competition. Silver Spoon is a great breakfast/lunch place, but they do special dinners. Don't know if that dynamic will transition to the Bergen Cty location, but I hope so.

                                    1. re: phDuh

                                      Thanks for the info about Silver Spoon Cafe....I will look for it....To my knowledge it hasn't opened yet. Also on Route 17 South in Paramus a new pancake restaurant opened by the name of "Stacks". Haven't tried it yet but when I tried to get in for breakfast it was jammed, so I drove away until another time.

                              2. This is a great post!
                                Here is a link to another post on the MidAtlantic board

                                Definitely have more adventuring to do with all this picks!
                                NJ is great

                                Road Trip Time :)

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                                1. re: shabbystorm

                                  Bagels-- Essex Bagels, Lodi
                                  Pizza-- Mario's in Maywood
                                  Chinese-- Panda on Essex Street in Lodi
                                  Mexican/TexMex-- Zapata (I think it is Rockleigh)
                                  BBQ-- Austin's Rochelle Park
                                  Burgers-- Fudruckers
                                  Sushi/ Hibatichi - Matsuya in Saddle Brook
                                  Italian Deli-- Patrillos in Northvale
                                  Jewish Deli--Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
                                  Salad-- Northvale Diner
                                  Breakfast-- Butler Family Diner
                                  Diner-- Butler Family Diner
                                  Steaks-- Ruth Chris in Weehawken
                                  Italian--Aldos, Wyckoff
                                  Spanish -- Segovia's in Moonachie

                                2. Hiura in Fort Lee is one of the best sushi places around...It's BYO, run by a sushi master who prepares everything himself. A must.


                                  Also I have to second the opinion on Kinchley's for pizza in Ramsey.

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                                  1. re: AndEats

                                    Bagels-- Modern Bagel Cafe, Fair Lawn, G&A's, Butler, Goldberg's Hasbrouch Heights
                                    Pizza-- Mangia's, Glen Rock, Anthony Franco's, Paramus, lots of great pizza everywhere
                                    Chinese--Man Hing, Fair Lawn, lots of good chinese in the area
                                    Mexican/TexMex-Hacienda, Paterson
                                    BBQ--Cubbys, Hackensack
                                    Fried Chicken-- Paterson? lol
                                    Burgers--Hot Grille, Clifton, Fireplace, Paramus?, Jimmy Geez, Haledon, lots of good burgers in the area
                                    Sushi--Minado, Little Ferry
                                    Mideastern-- no clueee
                                    Italian Deli--Vitamia, Lodi, Visentini bros, Lodi, THIS IS JERSEY C'MON EVERYWHEREE!!!!
                                    Jewish Deli--Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
                                    Salad--best salad? wtf
                                    Breakfast--your local diner? even Sonic, Hasbrouck Heights lol
                                    Diner--Tick Tock, Clifton
                                    Steaks--GoodFellas Garfield
                                    Latin American--not my specialty
                                    Wings--Wing Zone, Saddle Brook, Wings Over, Carlstadt, Jimmy Geez, Haledon, Sharkey's, Clifton

                                  2. Thai - Bangkok Gardens,Hackensack
                                    Indian - BHOJ, Elmwood Park
                                    Upscale - Chef's Table, Franklin Lakes
                                    Pizza - Mano a Mano, Ridgewood
                                    Chinese - Lotus Gardens, Hackensack

                                    1. Burgers--Iron Horse in Westwood
                                      Sushi--we LOVE Sakana in Nanuet (right over border in Rockland Co, NY); Akai Sushi in Englewood for more ambiance
                                      Kosher deli--another vote for Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
                                      Salad Bars/Salad--make your own at Ronnies Bagels...WISH there were more salad places
                                      Diner--Matthew's Diner in Waldwick. Cheese fries w/gravy!!

                                      Would love to hear thoughts on best places for frozen yogurt/ice cream and desserts.

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                                      1. re: mom22tots

                                        kosher nosh changed their hot dogs totally inedible but the rest is far better and their pickle bar is a reason to eat there alone
                                        maple glen bagels at maple and 208 is the best bagel bakery in bergen
                                        try their flagel with nova and cream cheese their trick is sliced hot peppers
                                        dim sim dynasty for weekend dim sum and fresh fish
                                        is in ridgewood as well as a mano for true naples style pizza
                                        its greek to me also in ridgewood for the obvious greek food at a good price point
                                        oceanos on saddle river road just north of 4 is a great upscale fish house with raw bar

                                        1. re: foodismylife

                                          Haven't had a hot dog there in years--how can you have a Kosher deli with bad hot dogs?! Love the pickle bar and their mushroom barley soup. With tam tams, of course!
                                          I second the recommendation for Oceanos--have had several good meals there.

                                          1. re: foodismylife

                                            Sorry, foodismylife, but hot peppers DO NOT traditionally belong on a bagel/flagel with nova lox & cream cheese. Dirty trick: YES!!!!! Ordered a bagel, cream cheese, & lox sandwich 2 years ago at Ronnie's (on Livingston Street) in Norwood, and my tongue is STILL blistered & writhing in pain from the "trick" of HIDDEN, non-disclosed hot peppers!!!!! The Middle-Eastern manager couldn't care less about the pain his "unorthodox" sandwich caused to this bagels 'n lox-loving Jew (and did not/would not refund my money)....I have not visited his establishment since, & now satisfy my "bagels & lox" cravings at Bagel Boys, just across the NY/NJ border on Middletown Road in Nanuet, NY. GREAT (expensive!!!) bagels/flagels, scallion cream cheese, and nova lox!!!!!!

                                            Happy eating!!!! ~

                                            Cheryl in NJ

                                        2. My pics:
                                          Upscale Greek: Nisi Estuario, Englewood
                                          Downscale Greek: Greek Village, Northvale
                                          Thai: Pimman, Emerson
                                          Sushi: Sakana, Nanuet
                                          Cuban: New Cuban cornershop on Main Street & Railroad in Bergenfield
                                          Polish: Krakus, Wallington
                                          India: Good luck with a good one in BergenCounty- Chowpatty, Edison NJ
                                          Vietnamese: The Vietnam, Spring Valley, NY
                                          Korean: Lighthouse, Little Ferry
                                          Italian: Gelone's, Arlington
                                          Burger: Tommy Fox's
                                          Wings: Unidentified flying wings, Tenafly
                                          French: Le Rendevous, Kennelawn

                                          What I haven't found:
                                          1. Real Spanish-NOT latin, and not MORE IS BETTER spanish, but real deal stuff
                                          2.Decent Chinese, though I've heard good thoughts about Chendu23
                                          3 Lebanese
                                          4. Georgian cuisine-though I've heard rumors of a place south of BC
                                          5. Southern BBQ-
                                          6. A mexican taqueria that doesn't give me food poisoning

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                                          1. re: sixelagogo

                                            Have heard good things about the food at The Vietnam, but the location's a little sketchy. Is this for take-out only or do you dine in?

                                            1. re: mom22tots

                                              The Vietnam has great food ...family owed and no one really bothers you...actually since the location is next to the Firehouse...the cops hang out there in the front so if you are concerned..but you have little to worry about...

                                              I used to drive into NJ or NYC Chinatown for my Pho Soup and Summer Rolls..they have saved me many times.....local ...priced well....and fairly homely...

                                              1. re: mom22tots

                                                It's sandwiched between little Hasidia meets little Haiti (what a combo!)..Not an upscale locale, but not sketchy at all. The family that owns it is super kind and always remembers your last visit....definitely suggest eating in- their bahn Xiao (vietnamese crepe) is the best I've had ever had, and doesn't travel well..

                                                1. re: sixelagogo

                                                  Thanks for the info...sounds like a rare find!!

                                              2. re: sixelagogo

                                                I love the Greek Village. They have wonderful food and people there are so nice. There is a place in River Edge called the A Taste of Greece that has great food but the service is just ok. They tend to be slow.
                                                I would still dine at either of these places any day over the Its Greek to Me places.

                                                I really liked Nisi but I prefer Axia in Tenafly for Upscale Greek. I just loved the food there.

                                                1. re: NJfoodLover

                                                  Axia is much better than Nisi for Greek, I agree.

                                                  1. re: NJfoodLover

                                                    Taste of Greece has excellent food. The service is sometimes slow because everything is fresh and they're cooking it for you. My only problem is the limited menu. The chef is talented. try the lamb shank in orzo , grilled octupus or calarmari. my Bw loves the vegetable mousakka

                                                    1. re: coachrbc

                                                      We have gone back quite a few times since i posted this over a year ago. The food at Taste of Greece has continued to impress us which is why we deal with the wait. The people are so nice but just slow.
                                                      We make sure to go on nights we are not in a rush.

                                                    2. re: NJfoodLover

                                                      I like Greek Taverna better than Axia but that said the menus are not totally similar so try them both. Good Greek lamb anything at Taverna, I think the fish is superior, and we love the terrific "chips" which are crispy zucchini, eggplant other sliced vegetables lightly battered and fried. Ask for the tzatziki with them rather than the skordalia --just my preference. Yes, split orders is a good plan. BYOB. Good service.

                                                      Greek Taverna
                                                      55 The Promenade, Edgewater, NJ 07020

                                                      Greek Taverna
                                                      292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

                                                    3. re: sixelagogo

                                                      Spanish-- Tapas de Espana, Englewood
                                                      Lebanese-- Bennies, Englewood. (Skip Rose's, it"s NG)

                                                      What's Georgian cuisine?

                                                      1. re: sixelagogo

                                                        El Cid in Paramus and Segovia in Moonachie both have very Good Spanish food

                                                        1. re: NJfoodLover

                                                          segovia would rank anywhere in the "best food in bergen county"? lord help us.

                                                          1. re: tommy

                                                            You don't like Segovia? I think it is one of my favorite restaurants.

                                                            1. re: NJfoodLover

                                                              Just hosted a business lunch at Segovia today and my clients loved it. The food and Service was great. The one man decided to take his wife there for Valentines day. I told him he would be waiting for a while.

                                                        2. re: sixelagogo

                                                          For good Indian food in Bergen County, try Mela in Ridgewood.

                                                          1. re: sixelagogo

                                                            You might want to try Granada for Spanish food. It is located on River Road in Hawthorne. Has a large menu, they give you large portions, and the food is very good. Let me know how you like it.

                                                            1. re: shiloh15

                                                              I agree with this comment about Granada-I think that it is very good value compared to other Spanish restaurants in the area and the people have always been nice to my family.I kind of refer to this place as a "hidden"find

                                                            2. re: sixelagogo

                                                              Lebanese - Bennies in Englewood
                                                              Chinese - Pettite Soo Chow Cliffside Park

                                                              Wings - Gotta try BoomBoom Chicken in Fort Lee...amazing!

                                                            3. bagels - Bakin' Bagels in Maywood
                                                              pizza - this is difficult - Sicilian Sun, HoHoKus; Kinchley's Tavern, Ramsey; Nellie's Place, Waldwick
                                                              chinese - Haven't found one yet
                                                              mexican/texmex - Pancho Burrito in New Milford
                                                              bbq, fried chicken - Yuck
                                                              burgers - I can't believe I'm saying this - Houlihan's
                                                              tha - Wondee's, Hackensack
                                                              mideastern - In BC?
                                                              salad bars/salad - Demarest Farms, Hillsdale
                                                              breakfast - Eli's Pancake House, Montvale
                                                              upscale - Baccari Grill
                                                              diner - Tom Sawyer
                                                              italian - Lieto, New Milford
                                                              latin american - Noches de Colombia, Englewood

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                                                              1. re: KarmaK

                                                                Not a big fan of Bacari Grill at all--but I would second the recommendation of Demarest Farms' salad bar. Not huge but always very fresh and tasty. Good call!!

                                                                1. re: mom22tots

                                                                  my 2cents on Bergen EATS: (some mentioned already, some sliiiightly outside of BC)

                                                                  Pizza - La Bella Roma in Paramus ( they don't deliver, but trust me on this one), also, Lodi Pizza, Lodi
                                                                  Chinese- Tina Louise in Carlstadt, Mr. Wok in Tenafly
                                                                  BBQ- Backwoods Bbq of Washington Township (formerly of Westwood) was real good. wish there were more local options. Cubby's in South Hackensack is eh.
                                                                  Burgers- White Manna in Hackensack for sliders. haven't found a real good place for a big sloppy hamburgers.
                                                                  Sushi-- Fuki Sushi in River Edge is terrific
                                                                  Italian Deli- easy, Visentini Brothers in Lodi
                                                                  Jewish Deli- i like the huge portions at Harolds in Lynhurst, great pastrami and the amazing pickle bar too - think the kosher nosh is overrated and $$$$
                                                                  Deli Deli - Teds Deli in Rochelle Park
                                                                  Salad- always lookin for a great salad bar. in BC, the best ive seen is at the coach house diner in Paramus.
                                                                  Breakfast- love the Original Pancake house Fort Lee
                                                                  Bagels: the bagel shoppe Hackensack (Passaic Ave) & Cresskill Bagels
                                                                  HotDogs- for Dirty waters: Hanks Franks Lodi, for Texas Weiners: Hot Grill Clifton
                                                                  Diner- Rochelle Park diner, a close 2nd is Matthews Colonial Diner in Waldwick
                                                                  Steaks- not in Bergen County but Dino & Harrys in Hoboken (formerly Frankie & Johnies) imho compares to the big boys in Manhattan. Steve's sizzling steaks will do when you dont want to spend the mortgage.
                                                                  Italian- Love Solari's in Hackensack. also Buon gusto in Closter is a hidden gem. many to choose from
                                                                  Wings- i guess Wing zone in Saddle Brook. havent found truly Great wings in BC, Sharkys in Clifton were very good too, but not great.
                                                                  Korean- Pine Hill in Paramus
                                                                  Vietnamese- MoPho in Fort Lee
                                                                  Mexican- Rosa Mexicana at Riverside Plaza??? not a ton of choices around.
                                                                  Upscale- Stony Hill Inn Hackensack
                                                                  Greek- fancy - Axia in Tenafly is great. for less fancy, more homey, a Taste of Greece in River Edge
                                                                  Seafood - again, wish there were more options in BC. Upscale: Oceanos is great in Fair Lawn. for more homey: The Seafood gourmet in Maywood.
                                                                  Thai- Bankok Garden in Hackensack was my # 1 until we tried Ruby Siam in Rochelle Park. cant go wrong with either option
                                                                  Tapas- Tapas de Espana Englewood
                                                                  Polynesian - Lee's Hawaiian Islander Lyndhurst (great rum drinks in tiki glasses too)
                                                                  Polish- Piast in Garfield. more of a meat market / deli than a restaurant. we always pickup stuff here for our polish day tailgate for a giants game. its insane.
                                                                  Cuban - nothing compares to La Isla in hoboken, but Casual Havana in Hackensack is good.
                                                                  thats all i can think of for now lol. good eating!

                                                                  1. re: yogi70

                                                                    what style of pizza is La Bella Roma making and what makes it notable?


                                                                    1. re: tommy

                                                                      My son used to live in Paramus and he and his friends used to go there after high school. They always said they had good pizza. One day I decided to try for myself, so I stopped by and ordered a pizza to go. While waiting for the pizza to bake, I sat down in a booth and thumbed through a copy of the Daily News that was on the table. For arguments sake, let's say the pizza was eight bucks at the time and tax was 6%....When my pie was ready, I got up and the person behind the counter tells me it's $8.98 total. I ask him how much the pie was and he tells me it's $8.00. So I say tax should only be 48 cents, not 98 cents. ........He proceeds to tell me it was 50 cents for the newspaper.....apparently they sold the newspapers there at the time, and on the stand holding the papers was a small sign taped to it that said *No Free Store Copy*...or something to that effect. Essentially, he said I had to pay to read the used newspaper.

                                                                      Let's just say I did not taste their pizza that day.......or even to this day, and it's not probable that I ever will.

                                                                      The pizza is notable for me, but for all the wrong reasons.

                                                                      1. re: tommy

                                                                        IMHO it's a super-ordinary pizza. Boilerplate NJ style. Reheated, oxydized slices, and even whole pies nothing to write home about.

                                                                        Let's face it, NJ slice pizza is just not going to resemble DiFara's or that ilk of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. If it's not one of those decent bar pies a la Kinchley's and the like, slice pizza in NJ is a must to avoid.

                                                                        Incidentally, I love that story about 50 cents to read an already-read newspaper while waiting for the pizza. Maybe Doctors and Dentists will start charging too? Lol! If it were me, I would have told the guy to take his pizza and newspaper and put them where the sun don't shine!

                                                                        1. re: menton1

                                                                          Roxannes in mahwah. Cassies in englewood. Both good pies.

                                                                          1. re: menton1

                                                                            Agreed. La Bella Roma is not worth a trip.

                                                                          2. re: tommy

                                                                            cant really speak for the newspaper issue, but as far as style? well its not thin crust or deep dish... just solid north jersey pizza Neopolitan I guess??? anyway what makes it notable is that the ingredients always seem very fresh, and the topping combinations on the pies when you go in are usually much more creative, and less predictable than when walking into other regular area pizza parlors. my wife loves their veggie special pizza, which easily has eight different veggies on it, my favorite is buffalo chicken pie which has some real bite with the hot sauce they use. However, l'll remember not to touch the newspaper next time im there lol.

                                                                            1. re: yogi70

                                                                              I work right near Bella Roma..best slice in the place is the Plum Tomato Slice...his regular "margherita" is not very good, but his gourmet slices are solid and do the trick.

                                                                              1. re: FoodOwnsMe

                                                                                IMO, the pizza at La Bella Roma in Paramus is very good. IMO, it's the best in the area. While they don't deliver -- and I've been told they will start soon as it's part of their expansion -- it's worth it to me to go there and get a pie, rather than order from one of the other places. Always fresh ingredients, a lot of flavor, and always cooked good. Never had a bad pie. Best in the area IMO.

                                                                                1. re: FoodOwnsMe

                                                                                  Plum tomato is very good. Never had the margherita. Some of the others are excellent. I never had a bad slice there.

                                                                                2. re: yogi70

                                                                                  Agreed. Top notch pizza. I've had many different ones there.

                                                                              2. re: yogi70

                                                                                forgot Middle eastern: Samdan Cresskill

                                                                                1. re: yogi70

                                                                                  also for diner, above i accidentally put Rochelle Park diner. I meant to put the Saddle Brook diner. its great.

                                                                                  1. re: yogi70

                                                                                    I personally think Saddle Brook diner is horrible...the put a Gotham Diner in Fair Lawn and that is much, much better.

                                                                                    1. re: thestickman1

                                                                                      I haven't dined at the Gotham Diner but I have been to the Saddle Brook Diner. I think they are pretty good but they are expensive for a diner in that area. I guess they need to pay for the rennovations.

                                                                                      Saddle Brook Diner
                                                                                      30 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

                                                                                      1. re: thestickman1

                                                                                        All diners are pretty awful these days. Besides, there's usually a better option than a diner just about all the time.

                                                                                  2. re: yogi70

                                                                                    new one to add to my list:

                                                                                    Columbian - Pollo's Mario in Hackesack - very very tasty and prices that cant be beat

                                                                                    1. re: yogi70

                                                                                      love their roast chicken and stewed beans...this place is a real deal for go or to stay

                                                                                      1. re: yogi70

                                                                                        Chicken is very good.....Empanadas are very bad.

                                                                                      2. re: yogi70

                                                                                        another for my above list:

                                                                                        although i already had listed 2 choices for "Chinese"...so ill label this place as my Sichuan (or Szechuan) option:

                                                                                        Chengdu 23. not in bergen county, but right outside the willowbrook mall in wayne. fantastic dim sum and yummy spicy sichuan dishes. it is now our go-to option when in that area. i think they only serve the dim sum on weekends.

                                                                                        1. re: yogi70

                                                                                          Their dim sum menu is quite limited when compared to places that specialize in that type of food. A lot of their selections are simply the appetizers from the regular menu.

                                                                                          But the place is tremendously good.

                                                                                    2. re: KarmaK

                                                                                      Tom Sawyer did a wonderful job of fixing up the diner after their fire; however the food is average, the service is OK, and the owners/greeters are not nice.

                                                                                      Tom Sawyer Restaurant
                                                                                      98 E Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652

                                                                                      1. re: shiloh15

                                                                                        I always find the service there incredibly slow and not particularly friendly. I also think they raised their prices considerably.

                                                                                        1. re: mom22tots

                                                                                          When my son was a teenager (14 yrs old), he and his friends used to go to The Tom Sawyer pretty regularly, as they all lived in Paramus....that is, until a situation occurred with with a person who identified himself as the owner one day when they stopped there after school. The kids ordered various sandwiches, burgers and french fries, but the owner would not allow them to apply their own Ketchup to their meals.....and instead insisted he had to do it for them. Obviously they were all offended and have not been back since. This was before the fire and subsequent renovation. I know I continue the boycott and from what I understand, the extension of the other family members of his friends continue to do the same.

                                                                                          1. re: fourunder

                                                                                            That's a bizarre story! Is it the same ownership now?

                                                                                            1. re: mom22tots

                                                                                              I believe the same family has owned it since the mid 70's. Along with the story I mentioned.....I would not normally consider any food establishment paying for advertising with Gail Gerson....another reason to avoid.


                                                                                            2. re: fourunder

                                                                                              That is soo strange, when I was in HS I was at a diner where the owner complained to my friend that she was wasting the katchup and if she didn't pour out only what she needed he would take away the bottle and just give her a little in a cup. I guess they get tired of people wasting stuff but we still thought it was strange.

                                                                                              1. re: NJfoodLover

                                                                                                It's hard to fault the guy for wanting to watch costs, especially if he's seen a pattern of wasteful use by teenagers.

                                                                                                On the other hand if this is really the case his time is probably best spent doing something else.

                                                                                              2. re: fourunder

                                                                                                I live in the neighborhood and boycott Tom Sawyers too. The food was average and the owner was not very nice. Plenty of other diners in NJ!

                                                                                                Tom Sawyer Restaurant
                                                                                                98 E Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652

                                                                                                1. re: fourunder

                                                                                                  I don't blame any business owner for looking to save, reduce costs, etc. That's fine. I am a business owner and I look to do that. But I would never do that at the expense of my clients. Personally, I find this disgusting. It is very unprofessional and inappropriate.

                                                                                                  Not apply their own ketchup? Have someone do it for me? That's disgusting.

                                                                                                  You want to put ketchup in a small cup, OK, and if it's enough that's fine. If not, ask for more. But this is absolutely deplorable.

                                                                                          2. Pollos Mario

                                                                                            Pollos Mario
                                                                                            63 Main St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

                                                                                            5 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: sixelagogo

                                                                                              few more recent ones to add to my above list :

                                                                                              Turkish: the Turkish ktichen in River Edge
                                                                                              BBQ- not Bergen, but on the Rockland cty border in Blauvelt is Baileys BBq - fantastic

                                                                                              1. re: yogi70

                                                                                                Bailys BBQ is awesome!!! I love their corn souffle!

                                                                                                Rocca in Glen Rock is another favorite for italian

                                                                                                1. re: foodaholic8

                                                                                                  Rocca is fantastic. We also love Paisano's in Rutherford. I would add both of those to my above list for Italian. Another really great spot, although not in Bergen, but not too far away, is Gencarelli's Cucina in Montclair. They have a spinach and porcini mushroom lasagna that is ridiculous, and worth the extra few hours (more like days) on the treadmill

                                                                                                  1. re: yogi70

                                                                                                    I went to Rocca several years ago and thought it was awful and never returned. I found their food to be just average and the service poor. I live closeby this restaurant and rather go to the pizza place across the street than back to Rocca. I will have to try Paisano's and Gencarelli's...thank you for this recommendation.

                                                                                                    1. re: shiloh15

                                                                                                      Respectfully disagree about Rocca. They consistently turn out creative Italian dishes, extremely rare these days in NNJ. To say that you'd rather go to a mediocre pizza or red sauce place is ridiculous. Different animals.

                                                                                            2. Chinese Dim Sum Dynasty..the best dimsum on weekends, rolling carts of authentic Chinese specialty dumplings etc
                                                                                              Italian La Riviera Clifton
                                                                                              Seafood....casual but excellent , their chef makes the best seafood marinara, Maywood Seafood Gourmet
                                                                                              Vietnamese...the owners of The Vietnam opened a nice spot in Ridgewood Mekong Grill.
                                                                                              Houstons...the best fish and steak and salads anywhere
                                                                                              Italian..we go to NYC to Crispo
                                                                                              Greek...in Wayne they opened a good one
                                                                                              Greek in Tenafly Axia Taverna

                                                                                              Seafood Gourmet
                                                                                              103 W Pleasant Ave, Maywood, NJ 07607

                                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                                              1. re: lutece

                                                                                                Maywood Seafood Gourmet -- very good! Excellent pick. Thanks.

                                                                                              2. Sushi - Fuki Sushi, River Edge
                                                                                                Sushi - Kazuki Sushi, River Vale (All You Can Eat)
                                                                                                Asian Fusion - Green Papaya, Hackensack

                                                                                                Green Papaya
                                                                                                110 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ 07661

                                                                                                2 Replies
                                                                                                1. re: Watsop99

                                                                                                  Went to Green Papaya a couple of years ago and it was AWFUL. Horrible environment and mediocre, overpriced food.

                                                                                                  Green Papaya
                                                                                                  110 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ 07661

                                                                                                  1. re: Watsop99

                                                                                                    Heard some good things about Fuki Sushi but haven't been there. I've wanted to go and try it and it's right around the corner from my office, so I have no excuse. LOL.

                                                                                                  2. The pizza at La Bella Roma, in Paramus, is excellent -- the best I've had in North Jersey for the Neopolitan type of pizza. For thin-crust pizza, Kinchley's is the all-time classic. Haven't had better and I am not a big fan of thin-crust. For Sicilian pizza, right down the road from Kinchley's is a place called Tirreno's. Excellent Sicilian pizza -- best I've had in Bergen. Small place, serves booze, so I've often had the Sicilian pizza with a beer. Top-notch. Roxanne's also does well for thin-crust and they have a following. The other food there is good. Right down the road from Kinchley's.

                                                                                                    As far as burgers -- Davey's Locker, but I think they've slipped a bit. The Porter House is excellent, and the burgers at JD's Steak Pit in Fort Lee (off the menu) is excellent. I haven't had one in a long time and the place is different now, but the burger at the Bicycle Club in Englewood used to be excellent.

                                                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                                                    1. re: ELA

                                                                                                      Side note: La Bella Roma is a NY-style pizza, not a Neapolitan style. Bella Roma is a basic, ubiquitous-type pizza joint. The best Neapolitan-style in Bergen is A Mano in Ridgewood.


                                                                                                      A Mano
                                                                                                      Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

                                                                                                      1. re: menton1

                                                                                                        I've heard a lot of people describe that type of pizza as Neapolitan pizza, but I never thought that either. I don't look at the technical point of tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, or the rules imposed on the dough, flour, yeast, etc.

                                                                                                        As far as the pizza they serve -- call it whatever you want -- I think it's excellent pizza.

                                                                                                        Good to know though. I always called it NY type or style pizza.

                                                                                                    2. did folks mention Park and Orchard in Rutherford?


                                                                                                      I've eaten there several times, always very good.

                                                                                                      from the website:

                                                                                                      "One of the best restaurants in the country"
                                                                                                      Zagat's 2003 - 2010

                                                                                                      Grand Award Wine List Winner 1991 - 201
                                                                                                      There are only 86 in the whole world

                                                                                                      5 Times "Very Good" Rating
                                                                                                      The New York Times, 2000

                                                                                                      "One of the most popular restaurants in New Jersey" 1997-2010 Zagat's Guide (Top 10


                                                                                                      "One of the Top Ten Restaurants in New Jersey"
                                                                                                      Star Ledger

                                                                                                      Four "Best of the Best" Awards
                                                                                                      Readers Choice - New Jersey Magazine

                                                                                                      Sixteen Best Wine List Awards
                                                                                                      Readers Choice - New Jersey Magazine - Latest 2010

                                                                                                      Critics Choice Award
                                                                                                      New York Times

                                                                                                      3 Stars
                                                                                                      New Jersey Magazine

                                                                                                      3 Stars
                                                                                                      The Record

                                                                                                      1. Tratorria La Sorrentina in North Bergen. Probably the best brick oven pizza I've ever had. This is some fancy stuff I'm talking about...

                                                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                                                        1. re: Waurus

                                                                                                          This is my favorite pizza in the whole world. We drive down from HoHoKus a few times a month,
                                                                                                          try their pasta sauce too.....yummy. Also ask for the homemade tiramisu, the best.

                                                                                                        2. Best wine bar in Bergen County .. Just Grapes Elmwood Park

                                                                                                          1. Best bagels - Sam's Bagels. Hamburg turnpike, Wayne. They are what a bagel should taste like..not big and bready. Hand rolled, too.