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Feb 10, 2002 03:24 PM

Fine falafel

  • k

A San Jose institution, The Falafel Drive-In a classic chowhound haunt situated off of Stevens Creek Blvd just south of Valley Fair shoppong mall. The menu ranges from middle eastern fast food classics to
burgers and fries but for my money the falafel is what I stand in line for. The oval vege nuggets are as I remember them in the stalls of Jerusalem, golden dark brown on the outside and irridescnet green on the inside. Crunchy (not chewy) and aromatic, they are topped with a respectible harissa. I recommend a side of hummus and fries for dipping--first dip fries in the hummus and then lay the whole mess on top of the sandwish and dig in! No wonder this place is rockin' opening to close.


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  1. indeed, the falafel here is the best i've had in the bay area. love their chili sauce (ask for extra). i was not impressed with something called foul doumas - a fava bean puree - wasn't "foul" but wasn't particularly good either. i've heard that the fresh banana shakes are great.

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      david vartanoff

      AND excellent Kibbeh! ground lamb/bulghur cutlets, yum