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Apr 3, 2005 08:20 PM

Excellent new Vietnamese, Edison NJ

  • j

There's an excellent new Vietnamese restaurant in Edison:

Pho Thanh Do
1876 Rt. 27/Lincoln Hwy.
Edison, NJ 08817

I've been there twice for pho in the last week. The broth is rich and beefy, obviously home-made. My wife tried the bbq pork. It was tender and flavorful, and they threw in a couple of grilled shrimps, too.

There are at least 3 other good Vietnamese places in the Edison area, including the esteemed Pho99. For the moment, at least, Pho Thanh Do is my favorite of the lot.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have just moved to Edison and would love to know any other recommendations for great restaurants that I can try after the Pho place. Thanks.

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      Another place nearby is Bien Hoa, 2090 Route 27. It's not spectacular, but it's decent. My wife likes their vermacelli, and they have nice steamed buns.

      Pho 99 is in nearby South Plainfield, 360 Park Av, 07080. I think they're quite good.

      There's another place on Route 1 S in Edison, at Wooding road. I wasn't able to find their name, but I like them too. They happen to be in the same strip mall as a place called Delhi Gardens, which I'm told is the only Hyderabadi restaurant in the area. Haven't gotten around to trying it yet, because I have so many other Indian favorites on Oak Tree Road.

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        I believe the Vietnamese place you are referring to, on route 1 at Wooding, next to Indian place, is Pho Ahn Dao, which has another location on route 27, south of New brunswick (must be South Brunswick i guess)

        I also recommend very very highly the Szechuan Ace restaurant on route 27, also I believe in South Brunswick. I am not Chinese but know some Chinese folks in who find it the best Chinese food in this general area. I have enjoyed in particular a dish of white meat chicken floating in hot pepper sauce--not technically the name of the dish. Have been 3 or 4 times and every time was excellent.


      2. re: ed
        Brian Yarvin


        Why not start with the Colombian bakery in the same shopping center as the Pho restaurant?

        After that, head south on 27 to King's Village - on your right opposite the 7-11 - for Northern Chinese snacks and homemade noodles. Ask for the "pancake soup" a soup noodle style dish with crepes instead of noodles and a rich vinegar flavor.

        Another mile south of that is Sichuan Spring, it's a bit too new to judge, but it specializes in authentic Sichuan dishes.

        A bit farther south is Shanghai Park. Go there on a weekend and watch them make soup dumplings in their front window.

        Wow...I think I've covered almost one percent of what's here! Tell us what you're looking for (hopefully Asian, but there's more...just mostly Asian) and I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions besides mine.

        1. re: Brian Yarvin

          Thanks for the suggestions! Which pho place is next to a Columbian bakery? Are you talking about Cakehouse Emma?

          Edison certainly is a food lover's Mecca. Another couple of my favorites are Wonder Seafood for dimsum, and the place in the Asia Food Center strip mall for Chinese noodles.

          1. re: j
            Brian Yarvin

            Not Cakehouse Emma! Okay...I really like Cakehouse Emma, but it's Korean - an entirely different vibe.

            In the same strip mall as that new Pho restaurant is a Colombian bakery with pretty good (and very authentic) stuff.

            Of course, as I write this, I've realized that Cakehouse Emma is in a strip mall with a Pho place too...

            Sometimes paradise can be unbareable.


            1. re: Brian Yarvin

              Thanks for the suggestion--I tried the Columbian bakery today on my latest trip to Pho Thanh Do, and it was really good. We had the tres leches cake.

              Thanks also for including a link to your website--it's great.

              1. re: Brian Yarvin

                Cakehouse Emma is no longer open, unfortunately (in xase anyone is reading this old post and thinking of going there).

            2. re: Brian Yarvin

              Thanks for all the great places to try. And I plan to try them all. I love asian foods and I am have found out that the primary cuisine around Edison is asian. Having driven through New Brunswick, I have seen Latin American places, and Old Bridge/Sayreville seems to have a Eastern European vibe. I am looking for basically the standard chowhound place - great food, great people and great value. Any other recommendations would be much appreciated.

              1. re: ed
                Brian Yarvin


                There isn't enough bandwith on the web to list all the places around here worth trying. However, I'll add a bit (a little bit - not comprehensive coverage).

                Plainfield has both Latino and Vietnamese elements. Linden has a whole Polish thing going on - mostly grocery stores, but a couple of restaurants too. And Highland Park has Russian and Orthodox Jewish in addition to its sizable Shanghai community.

                Rumor has it that there are also Lebanese and Hungarian places sprinkled through the area - but I have yet to spot a pattern for them.


          2. Tried to get a phone number for this restaurant but it's not listed. Can you help? Thanks

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            1. re: susan

              I guess they're too new to be in the book. They're at 732-248-9080. Enjoy!

            2. Best vietnamese noodle and dishes are at rt. 1 Pho Ahn Dao. Terrific taste. I have enjoyed so many times but never bored. Cheap - $6.9
              The one in Rt 27 (Bien Hoa) is cheaper($5.9) and smaller portion, but I saw the waiter's finger was in my soup when he brought my noodle. It seems normal there, but I can't stand it.

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              1. re: samsam1

                I second samsam1's vote for Pho Anh Dao. They're the most flavorful, provide lots of condiments, and are consistent. AND they're really Vietnamese. Pho 99 is Chinese-Vietnamese owners. (I found Bien Hoa on Rte 27 unsanitary--same thing happened when my waiter brought my pho)

                Since I eat pretty regularly at Pho Anh Dao, I've gotten to know the owners (the wife manages the Wooding Ave/Rte 1 location in Edison; the husband manages the Route 27/North Brunswick location, and both can cook).

                Pho Thanh Do is also good. The spring rolls when I went last year used older, more traditional rice paper wrappers (rather than the more common thin wonton wrappers), which was impressive, and the nuoc cham dipping sauce was well balanced w/ shredded carrot/daikon; and the pho was tasty with a rich broth. However, I found their grilled pork w/ rice noodles (bun thit nuong) had a thicker sliced meat than that of Pho Anh Dao....

                NB: There is another Vietnamese place in the A&P shopping center on Georges Road, North Brunswick just off Route 1 before Barnes & Nobles. Called Viet Huong I think. They are ok too, but I think their stir-fry/entrees are better than their pho & grilled dishes.

                Still think Pho Anh Dao and Pho Thanh Do's are best in that order. Have tried Pho 99 and the 2 that were in Plainfield. Have NOT gone to East Hanover or Fort Lee or Route 9 Old Bridge.

              2. Does anyone know where in the Edison area I can find a vietnamese sandwich aka banh mi? Have a craving for it, but can't seem to find it at any of the restaurants I've been to.

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                1. re: brilliantwater

                  I love Vietnamese banh mi also, and sadly, have not been able to find much if anything in the Edison area. There is a small Vietnamese grocery store that sells them on Route 27 right across from the Asian Food Center shopping plaza (on north side just south of Plainfield Ave intersection).

                  However, they refrigerate sandwiches that they've premade & toast them up for you when you order, adding the pickled carrots/daikon afterward. These are not very fresh.

                  For banh mi, I either go to Philadelphia on Washington Ave near the Italian Market, or to NYC in Chinatown that have sandwich stores that make all the fillings throughout the day, and assemble your sandwich & toast the bread right there....

                  *sigh* Hoping someone else might know a place in NJ that makes banh mi. I'd be willing to travel. I did a search online and only found a place in Ventnor/Atlantic City area. A big far for a craving, but I figured most banh mi places don't have websites...