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Mar 11, 2005 06:36 PM

pizza in mount laurel

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where can i find good pizza in mount laurel nj. its in south jersey. i just moved here.

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  1. Try Scotto pizza in Crispin Square(Marlton) right off Maple avenue across from the new Eckerds pharmacy and
    Traino's liquours.

    They have a great Mushroom, tomatoes, and spinach
    Their BBQ chicken pizza is good as well.

    On Lenola road across from the Moorestown Mall
    is a branch of Taconelli's ...a very famous brick oven
    pizza spot originally found in Philadelphia...
    I don't know how good the pizza is at this place,

    For a great BYOB Italian place, Try Cassanova Grill
    in the same shopping center (Crispin) as Scotto
    They have excellent foccacia bread, gnochi, crabcakes,
    and the Salmon in Dijon sauce is superb.

    Good luck and welcome to the area..

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      Try Passariello Pavilion, (856) 840-0998, 13 W Main St
      Moorestown, NJ 08057. It's also a great place for a Italian lunch or dinner. Its a casual BYOB place, they have pizza, dinners, steak sandwiches etc. Great food at reasonable prices. Its cafeteria style with plenty of booths and tables, and generous portions. You won't be disappointed.

      1. re: Johnny

        I believe the owner is related to (brother?)
        the owner of Scotto Pizza in Crispin Square.
        He told me about this place himself and I tried it...
        excellent suggestion!


    2. Any of the Angelo's Pizza shops. I think they have the best. one is in the Super G shopping center at Elbo Lane and Union Mill Rd. the other location is in the Wawa shopping center on Larchmont Blvd and Hainesport-Mt. Laurel Road. (right across the street from the Lakes development)
      ...(scotto's does have good Sicilian though, but Angelo's regular pizza is a tad better)
      Angelos has good dinners too, great byob place

      1. Scotto's is very good as is Angelo's, but I would recommend Soprano's on Church Rd. No sugar in the sauce, just excellent! Little Beef's is very good too, if you can tolerate the bad service. Definitely avoid Pizzitullo's on Church St.; it's Chucky Cheese Pizza. Also avoid Taconelli's; it is NOT the same as the Philly location. And finally, if you don't mind a little drive, try Riveria in Medford (Stokes Rd.). They have been in business longer than any of the others I've mentioned.