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Peking Pavillion

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Missing Chineese. Peking Pavillion in Manalapan on RT 33 burned down right before New Years. I have been going there for years and the incident has had a negative impact on my having chinees cuisine. I tried many others in the area: hunan gourmet; both crowne palaces, all with no luck.
Any suggestions? Does any one know when PP will reopen?

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  1. I was not a fan of Peking Pavillion because we had a couple of mediocre meals -- one pretty awful one, in fact -- when we ate there many years ago. Of course, it's too bad about the fire but, fortunately, nobody was hurt. I presume they were insured and, acc. to an article in the "News Transcript," they will re-build. How long it will take, I haven't a clue.

    I agree with you about Crowne Palace. We ate only once in the Marlboro location and once was once too often. To put it succintly, the food was horrible.

    We also tried the place called Szechuan Star, in the Barclay Sq. strip mall, on Route 9 South, in Freehold, and it was so-so.

    We usually go to Empire Szechuan, in the Willow Pointe strip mall, on Route 9 North, in Marlboro. While not spectacular, it's pretty decent. To my mind, the best of a mostly bad bunch.

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      I really do enjoy Crowne Palace in Middletown, although sometimes they are inconsistant. While I only go to Far East Taste in Eatontown for Thai, my wife and brother loved the Chinese standards offered there. (neither my brother of wife care for Thai)
      I always wanted to try Peking Pavillion. I know it's a fairly long drive, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews for Cathay 22 on Rt.22 west of Union.

    2. Do you know what caused the fire?

      You might try Little Szechuan on Rte 535 in West Windsor. The food is excellent but lacks the atmosphere of Peking Pavillion.

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        I know I am digging a thread from out of the grave, but has any had an opportunity to try Peking Pavilion recently? It was recommended to me, but seeing how it's a 30 minute drive, I'd only do it if it's worth it.

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          We just drove past there the other day and, although they are finally coming along with the construction, they are certainly not open yet.

          As for the food - they had their moments, but nothing to brag about.

          If I want quality chinese I head down 34 to Matawan and go to WestLake.

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            Drove by this morning and a few of the Chinese terra cotta soldier replicas (I *guess* they're replicas...) and up and there're "Help Wanted" signs posted, so I guess they're getting close to opening. Still missing quite a few letters on the sign, tho'....

        2. My father was the chef there for years. The food is still superb at home. You're welcome to mi casa. LOL.

          1. Drove by this evening and the place was packed (and, with the windows open driving down Rt. 33, sure smelled good).

            The old large sign (which had lost a quite a few of its letters since closing) has been taken down and the "Help Wanted" signs are still up, so it's possible this was some sort of "By invitation only- getting the kinks out" deal but it looks as if it's about to open, if not open already.

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              We drove by it today too and the new building isn't very attractive. I hope the food is still as good as it was!!

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                If their food remains anything like what we've experienced there (see above), I won't be stopping by. But still, I wish them luck with their re-opening.

            2. Well, as noted in today's Asbury Park Press, Peking Pavilion is open (and, apparently, has been since mid-June).


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                Peking Pavilion has reopened in a building that is extremely loud, nothing to block the sound. Food is not what it was, less of it and not the usual chinese noodles with the best hot mustard, that's gone. We will not go back!!! and this was a place we visited at least once a month

              2. I've been out of the area the past 10 days or so and ate miserably throughout parts of Pennsylvania and Michigan. So much so that I was actually looking forward to eating somewhere in Monmouth and ended up at Peking Pavillion with my 3 kids. I had only been to P.P. a handful of times before the fire, but always found the very Americanized Chinese food (this is not a place to go for authentic cuisine) to be pretty tasty with higher quality ingredients than other area Chinese restaurants (and pricey). I found my most recent visit in the newly designed space to be on par with my past visits -- good quality, tasty, but not necessarily rave worthy. No one in my family was crazy about the very dark broth wonton soup, nor we were crazy about the filet mignon egg rolls. We devoured, however, the chicken in lettuce wraps. There was a special foie gras dumpling appetizer which I really wanted to try, but the wife and kids wouldn't eat it and I didn't want to fill up on the dumplings alone. For entrees we shared two of the standbys from the old menu -- crispy noodles with chicken, shrimp and beef and filet mignon over spinach. Both were solid, but both could have used a bit more heat for my taste. We also ordered an off the menu chicken and string beans for my string bean loving kids which was also solid. I found the newly designed space really attractive, but agree that it was loud (the place was packed). There is a small upstairs area and also an outdoor patio. Its a bit too pricey to become my regular Chinese joint (which sadly I'm lacking as there is nowhere else good close enough to my home), but I'll be adding P.P. to my rotation as there were lots of other dishes on the menu I want to try.

                1. My wife and I hit Peking Pavillion for lunch last week. It was super. I had the Chicken Imperial and she had Lo Mein. I really liked the hot and sour soup and my wife said the wonton soup was just OK.
                  Very attractive space.

                  1. I went there today with one of my girlfriends. I had the Chicken Imperial (awesome as always!) and she had the Chicken and broccoli and loved it. I tasted it. It was very flavorful and the chicken was VERY tender. She wasn't a fan of the egg drop soup, but the meal more than made up for it.

                    Be sure to ask your waiter for the "special fortune cookies" after your meal. :)

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                      Thanks for the review....May I ask what the Chicken Imperial is?..

                    2. Lettuce Wraps Appetizer are Very Good here!

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                        Im going next week for a belated fathers day Lunch any suggestions?

                        1. re: Tapas52

                          Listen hard to their specials, they are usually really good!

                          1. re: shorebilly

                            Thanx shorbilly......we havn't been there since the renovation...I'll be looking for those specials for sure~!

                            1. re: Tapas52

                              We love Peking although the noise factor when crowded, which is almost always, is bad. We usually go on a Sunday afternoon before everyone else shows up. The specials are great and certainly not "typical"chinese food. We have had great skirt steak, osso bucco etc. Girls at the bar are terrific and we like having dinner at the bar. Enjoy!

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                                Today was a good day….My wife & I took my parents to Peking Pavilion for lunch in Manalapan this afternoon for a belated fathers day gift. It was the first time for all of us. No crowds or noise as there was only about 20 people dining there which was a relief. We were seated at a nice table by the window & the service was very attentive from the start. Nice atmosphere and I love the new design of the restaurant since the fire & rebuild.. For our starters we ordered the Fillet Mignon egg rolls, what a beautiful presentation served on a bed of shredded lettuce, cut on a bias, with a small reservoir of duck sauce & a small dollop of hot mustard on a wave shaped rectangular plate. Next came the fried pork dumplings, again a nice presentation with special dipping sauce, although the outer wrapper was a little doughy & not as light and crisp as I usually enjoy they were very tasty. We all ordered soup which surprising came in a nice size bowl vs a cup that you would get at most places. The Hot & Sour soup was delightful with nice chunky pieces of pork & just the right ratio of Hot & Sour. My Mom said the Egg Drop soup was superb & rich with flavor; my wife really enjoyed the Egg Drop Corn soup also
                                For our main courses I had the Chicken Imperial which was sought of an General Tso Chicken dish but a bit lighter on the batter & the sauce had just enough spice & came with a side of vegetable fried rice which was light and delicious. Mom had the Shrimp with Lobster sauce a generous portion of wonderful jumbo shrimps in a excellent textured sauce I must say the best I ever tasted, not watery at all. Dad had the Basil Beef, this dish was fantastic also, thinly sliced Beef with Asparagus & fresh Basil in a delectable savory brown sauce great dish. And lastly my wife had the Scallops with garlic sauce another winner, which indeed looked nice on the pate too with just enough spice also. They really have a wonderful selection for lunch here. I highly recommend the Peking Pavilion if you want to take Chinese cuisine up a notch….can’t wait to return for some of the dinner selections and specials there ….definitely this will be on my rotation list.

                                PS…… and as suggested here I didn’t forget to order the
                                “SPECIAL FORTUNE COOKIES” ;)

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                                  oops also forgot that my mom used her wheelchair with no problems with excellent easy access in & out of the restaurant.

                                  1. re: Tapas52

                                    You know, gotta go back here for these SPECIAL FORTUNE COOKIES you speak of!

                                    1. re: Tapas52

                                      Tapas, nice report and confirms what I had wrote on another Chinese restaurant thread that a business dinner I attended there about 4 months ago was excellent. Didn't concentrate a lot on the food that evening but it was far better than the "old" Peking Pavillon. Need to get back there soon.

                                      1. re: tom246

                                        Which other place did you try tom256? Still looking for the thread and haven't come across it yet. Cheers! -mJ

                                        1. re: njfoodies

                                          Nj, PP was the restaurant I was referring to. In the past 6 months I have been there twice with clients and each time had a very enjoyable meal.
                                          We plan on going there soon for a casual non business dinner.

                                          1. re: tom246

                                            Got it, thanks! I was thinking something else for some reason. Now if only we could find duck as good as the duck at Peking Duck House in NYC! -mJ

                                        2. re: tom246

                                          I agree totally....they seem to have it all together now. I'll be back very soon also, many things left to try there.


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                                          Those Special Fortune Cookies made our meal complete!!!!!!!

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                                  Ugh! The type's way too small, and that "music" is horrible!

                                  1. re: RGR

                                    A couple hints... When you click the "Enter Site" it opens up a new Tab. Close the first tab to kill the music. I also have a Flash Block utility for Firefox that suppresses much of the annoying audiovisual hoopla that web designers think is a "good thing." It gives the option of running the Flash or not. I attached a pic of what the Peking Pavilion site looks like with the flash block on.

                                    More useful for this and other sites: I've had vision problems for some time. If you hold down the CTRL key and move the scroll wheel up and down you can increase and decrease the screen size. This works 90% of the time unless the text is 100% image based flash media.

                                2. Picture of Peking Pavillion