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Jan 29, 2005 05:30 PM

Peking Pavillion

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Missing Chineese. Peking Pavillion in Manalapan on RT 33 burned down right before New Years. I have been going there for years and the incident has had a negative impact on my having chinees cuisine. I tried many others in the area: hunan gourmet; both crowne palaces, all with no luck.
Any suggestions? Does any one know when PP will reopen?

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  1. I was not a fan of Peking Pavillion because we had a couple of mediocre meals -- one pretty awful one, in fact -- when we ate there many years ago. Of course, it's too bad about the fire but, fortunately, nobody was hurt. I presume they were insured and, acc. to an article in the "News Transcript," they will re-build. How long it will take, I haven't a clue.

    I agree with you about Crowne Palace. We ate only once in the Marlboro location and once was once too often. To put it succintly, the food was horrible.

    We also tried the place called Szechuan Star, in the Barclay Sq. strip mall, on Route 9 South, in Freehold, and it was so-so.

    We usually go to Empire Szechuan, in the Willow Pointe strip mall, on Route 9 North, in Marlboro. While not spectacular, it's pretty decent. To my mind, the best of a mostly bad bunch.

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      I really do enjoy Crowne Palace in Middletown, although sometimes they are inconsistant. While I only go to Far East Taste in Eatontown for Thai, my wife and brother loved the Chinese standards offered there. (neither my brother of wife care for Thai)
      I always wanted to try Peking Pavillion. I know it's a fairly long drive, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews for Cathay 22 on Rt.22 west of Union.

    2. Do you know what caused the fire?

      You might try Little Szechuan on Rte 535 in West Windsor. The food is excellent but lacks the atmosphere of Peking Pavillion.

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        I know I am digging a thread from out of the grave, but has any had an opportunity to try Peking Pavilion recently? It was recommended to me, but seeing how it's a 30 minute drive, I'd only do it if it's worth it.

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          We just drove past there the other day and, although they are finally coming along with the construction, they are certainly not open yet.

          As for the food - they had their moments, but nothing to brag about.

          If I want quality chinese I head down 34 to Matawan and go to WestLake.

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            Drove by this morning and a few of the Chinese terra cotta soldier replicas (I *guess* they're replicas...) and up and there're "Help Wanted" signs posted, so I guess they're getting close to opening. Still missing quite a few letters on the sign, tho'....

        2. My father was the chef there for years. The food is still superb at home. You're welcome to mi casa. LOL.

          1. Drove by this evening and the place was packed (and, with the windows open driving down Rt. 33, sure smelled good).

            The old large sign (which had lost a quite a few of its letters since closing) has been taken down and the "Help Wanted" signs are still up, so it's possible this was some sort of "By invitation only- getting the kinks out" deal but it looks as if it's about to open, if not open already.

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              We drove by it today too and the new building isn't very attractive. I hope the food is still as good as it was!!

              1. re: njeggy1

                If their food remains anything like what we've experienced there (see above), I won't be stopping by. But still, I wish them luck with their re-opening.

            2. Well, as noted in today's Asbury Park Press, Peking Pavilion is open (and, apparently, has been since mid-June).


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                Peking Pavilion has reopened in a building that is extremely loud, nothing to block the sound. Food is not what it was, less of it and not the usual chinese noodles with the best hot mustard, that's gone. We will not go back!!! and this was a place we visited at least once a month