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Jan 17, 2005 11:24 AM

sushi suggestion in Essex/Union/Morris County

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I have recently moved to Morris County from Manhattan and I am looking for a sushi restaurant that is on the same level as some of the well known places of NYC. i.e. Sushi of Gari, Jewel Bako, Bond Street, Sushisay

If any of you can recommend a place in Morris/Union/Essex Counties I would REALLY appreciate it.


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  1. I have alread posted about these places, but here it is again. Nara off, I think, Speedwell Ave., in Morristown next to the Burger King in a little strip mall is good. There's also a place that advertizes itself as a "seafood buffet" on Route 10 west next to Jonathan's Kosher Deli. I think it's Powder Mill Plaza West. They have an amazing array and at least six chefs at work doing routine dishes, sashimi, sushi, and the like. Things are fresh, and there's lots of activity, a good sign. The patrons are a fair mix of Western and Asian.

    1. I really like Sono in Millburn the fish is always fresh and the rolls are great...Sushi Samari is also there, but def not as good.

      1. in Westfield, NJ in Union County try Fujiyama Mama
        Monday and Tuesday night and every day for lunch but sunday it's 1/2 price. it's worth the price and good quality.

        1. I love going to Sushi Hana in Monclair. Great unique place is not as swanky as some of those NYC favorites, but it is more of a chowhound kind of place. The swimming monkey rolls and fried oyster rolls are some of my favorites, never had a bad experience. Very friendly and attentive staff.


          1. Nagoya is a relativey new (2 yrs) Japanese restaurant in Westfield. It's in the Drug Fair parking lot on North Ave. The fish has always been fresh, the sushi for 2 is HUGE. We get it for 3 of us and my 12 year old eats a lot of sushi. They have some very interesting rolls.

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              jnk, my brother and I went to Nagoya today for lunch. It was great! We both started with salads. He had miso soup and I tried the lemongrass hot and sour. The waitress warned me it was very spicey but I found it to be just right - not too hot for me. It had a nice sized piece of scallop and a couple of shrimp floating in it, and the flavor of lemongrass and cilantro really hit the spot. My brother had several spicy rolls (he's partial to those) and I had several sushi - don't remember all of them offhand but suffice it to say all were exceptionally fresh and ridiculously large. We were sufficiently stuffed. Service was very friendly and efficient too. Pricey - but worth it, lunch came out to just about $60 for the two of us (we did eat a lot, a couple of plain ice teas included).

              Thanks for the recommendation - we'll be going back for sure. I think even my husband will enjoy it. He doesn't eat fish, but there were plenty of other items on the menu he would enjoy.

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                Hi Sivyaleah- Glad you enjoyed Nagoya. There are 3 of us (one of us being our 13 yr old) and we usually get a sushi for 2 which includes 4-salmon, 4-tuna- 4-red snapper, 4-white tuna, 4 yellowtail, 2-shrimp, one tuna roll and one special roll which if you saw the menu on the wall or the printed menu, is a huge selection, and they're all included no matter their cost. Of course there are the 2-salads and 2-miso soups, all dor $32! I must say that the miso is hit or miss. I've had it where it was delicious and you could taste many levels of flavor, then again i've had it there where I just left it. Again, glad you enjoyed it.

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                  Hey, is your 13 year old the kid they were telling us about that did the "all you can eat" and ate 96 pieces of sushi at one sitting :-)

                  1. re: sivyaleah

                    Thank goodness no, although he he keeps talking about trying! I have to admith though that his dad (moi) used to frequent an all uo can eat sushi bar on the upper west side (72nd st.) that was fantastic. But, that was in a past life.