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Feb 9, 2002 01:12 PM

Live sea urchins

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Does anyone know a place in the Bay Area to buy live sea urchins? Yum.

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  1. I don't know about live, but I've had excellent fresh uni from the fish market in Half Moon Bay. I don't recall the name, but it is in the small shopping center at the intersection of 92 and CA 1.


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      Sue Streitwieser

      Tokyo Fish on San Pablo in Berkeley has sushi-grade uni. I don't know if it's "alive" but it's surely fresh.
      Sue Streitwieser

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        Another place I saw (but did not try) is Yum Yum Fish on Irving at 21st (I think).


    2. Sushi Zone, the fine (if Chinese owned) sushi bar in Oakland Chinatown, serves them with the spines still moving. They also have some wonderful cooked food, a great premium sake menu, and they validate parking. A few months ago they had a happy hour special including 2 for 1 sake and appetizers.

      They make a fantastic roll with salmon, cucumber, radish, and no rice.

      They should be able to point you to their supplier.

      388 9th St. Suite 268, in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza

      1. i have the same question. more googling!

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          I believe I saw some at Ranch99 Richmond in the last month. I would, however, search for more current threads. This one ended 7 1/2 years ago.

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            Saw some there about a week ago

          2. I'm not sure about markets, but Ebisu serves "live uni" @ ~$18. It's delicious and obviously very fresh, but honestly the uni nigiri I had at the same sitting was just as good. Then again, the volume in the live uni is probably about the equivalent of 4 pcs. of nigiri so price is probably about even. The other nigiri was rather disappointing given the price.

            1. I see them occasionally at County Square Market in Pleasant Hill.