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Dec 2, 2004 12:11 PM

Northern NJ restaurants open on Christmas Day?

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Hello. Does anyone know of any northern NJ restaurants --other than the obvious Chinese, Japanese, and Indian ones- that might be open for lunch or dinner Christmas Day? There's been a death in the family recently , so we'd like to try and do things differently this year by going out to eat. Sadly, some members of our group don't like Indian, Chinese, or Japanese cuisine. They want american, or Italian or "traditional". Any ideas?

Many thanks for your help.

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  1. Try the Friar Tuck Inn on Pompton Avenue in Cedar Grove. They will be having a wonderful buffet. I know exactly what you mean about eating out this year. We have done it in the past and have had a wonderful time in spite of a recent loss.

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      Thanks so much for that recommendation, Nizza, as well as for the kind sentiments. I'll look into Friar Tuck. For what its worth: I also just learned that Forno's Restaurant in the Ironbound section of Newark, which serves wonderful Spanish cuisine, will also be open on Christmas--in fact on all holidays.

    2. The Mohawk House in Sparta, N.J.

        1. Blue Morel, Morristown
          The Manor, West Orange
          Ruth's Chris, most locations in NJ.

          Just realized this thread was 9 years old. Anyone going out on Xmas day in 2013?