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Nov 15, 2004 12:55 PM


  • k

My family heads to W.burg soon. Any must do's? Nothing formal or fancy but special is most welcome.

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  1. m

    My favorites are the Cheese Shop (sandwiches), the Trellis (fancy-ish, but more casual for lunch), and Nawab (Indian). My parents, who live in W'burg, also like Second Street (American, kind of along the lines of Applebees but not a chain).

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    1. re: maryelizabeth

      Maryelizabeth, are you talking about 60 Second Street? Is that STILL there? We lived in Williamsburg about 18 years ago, and that was always a favorite of ours. Do they still put the basket of unshelled peanuts on your table when you arrive? It was always a fun place to go, and the food was always good. Nothing fancy, burgers and such, but REALLY GOOD versions.

      1. re: Anne

        It sounds like the same place. It's owned by the same people that own the Polo Club. I don't think they do the peanuts anymore. I started going there about 15 years ago with my sorority sisters from W&M, and the food is still good.

    2. Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que (kinda out of the way, but worth the trip esp. if you're from a non-BBQ part of the country).

      from williamsburg online:

      (757) 565-2955 $
      The local icon for great Bar-B-Que dishes - (the state put no parking signs on the interstate to keep patrons from jumping the fence to get in!) - Pierce’s offers sandwiches and dinners featuring hickory and oak pit-cooked pork barbeque, roasted barbeque chicken...along with the accompanying french fries, cole slaw and hush puppies! Hot dogs and hamburgers are great choices for the kids as well as homemade cookies! Located on East Rochambeau Drive between Lightfoot exit 199 and Airport Road. Open for lunch and dinner.


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      1. re: JK

        The last time Pierce's was good was about 1985. They now put Velveeta on a barbeque sandwich--one of the foulest things you could ever do to BBQ.

      2. RE Pierce's Pitt -- don't bother. Nothing more than a fast food joint, and the bbq is mediocre at best, I've had better ribs at a chain restaurant in Toronto, and better pulled pork at a gas station in Pennsylvania. Coleslaw was inedible. The best part was the fries, and that's not saying much.

        1. I was in Williamsburg about a month ago and tried "Food For Thought" for the 1st time. It was so good that I went back a 2nd time. Food was great and the prices were reasonable.