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Feb 8, 2002 02:30 AM

Announcement: Chowhound gathering this Sunday -- reminder

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I'm posting a reminder here for the chowhound chowdown this Sunday, Feb 10.

Once again, we will meet at 12:30pm at the El Farolito on 24th Street and Alabama (*not* the El Farolito on Mission on and 24th Street - make sure you get to the right branch).

Please please please be punctual -- it's tradition that the latest chowhound at a gathering gets to write up and post about the whole affair. Since we might hit several places, the last 2 hounds to arrive will get the writing assignment.

We've got a nice pack going. I've received emails from the folks listed below:

derek durst
david boyk and cyrus farivar
lambert yim and wife
fatemeh khatiboo and s.o.

dixieday - I assume you're joining us based on your post --yes?

I'll be wearing the SF chowhound picnic t-shirt so that I can be recognized. [Go to this link to see what the t-shirt looks like:] I strongly encourage you to put your chowhound pins and t-shirts if you have them to make recognition easier.

If you don't have them and want to be easily spotted in future chowhound chowdowns, consider getting these t-shirts from chowmarket [link below].


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  1. alas, I would love to come, but might be getting out of town that day. If I'm around, I'll definitely join you. One suggestion--I don't think St. Francis Fountain is very good anymore--if folks don't mind a walk, head over to Mitchell's instead. And check out the tamales at La Palma Mexitessen--I think they have both Nicaraguan and Salvadoran types for sale at the steam table in the back.

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    1. re: dixieday

      Thanks for the warning on St Francis Fountain -- windy had suggested the same thing over e-mail. And re: La Palma - yeah - I'm keen on making a bigger dent there than I did the last time. :)

      Any pupusa places to worth stopping at?

      1. re: Limster

        i can't ever leave the las palmas mexicatellen without having at least one drip all over me papusa. well as salsas, chile colorado, rice, etc, etc, it's tradition for at least one christmas meal to come from there. and happy are we for it!