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Sep 6, 2004 07:59 PM

Living in Newark, DE.

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I'm considering applying for a university position in Newark, Delaware and was wondering if anyone out there can tell me about the city. My wife & I live in NYC, and were just trying to get some thoughts and information about what your city and surroundings are like - especially, of course, the food.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Grew up in Newark, parents still live there. It very definitely is & feels like a small town, although it is part of the built-up megaburb that stretches north to Wilmington & Philly. Newark "proper" (ie the actual town/university area) is fairly charming.

    Foodwise there are some decent picks -- Iron Hill Brewery (good, slightly nouveau "american"), Deer Park Tavern (brunch on the porch), & Capriotti's (subs) on Main Street spring to mind. The saving grace is the relatively quick access to Philadelphia (30-45 min) and Baltimore (45-hour) for more dining options. I know Wilmington & greater New Castle county also has some nice places.

    Honestly there is really no way to compare Newark to New York City -- there is a train station there, take the train down, walk around & see what you think.

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      I really wasn't trying to compare it to NYC; I didn't know exactly what I was asking until you put your finger on it: did the place have any charm? Thank you so much for your help, and we will, now, scooch down for a visit.

      1. re: kiwi

        Hey Kiwi,

        Here is my first time posting. Just discovered this board
        I live in NYC, but frequent Newark, DE, as I have a few good friends down here.

        I cannot tell you how it is LIVING here, but when I am here, I do enjoy it.

        I rarely have Great dining experiences here, but there are a few places I have gone to which leave me fairly satisfied. AND,you will be able to own a nice home for way less than half the cost of NYC :-)

        Been to Lazzat, Rincon Latino, Toscana...Wilmington has a few yummy places...

    2. Kiwi -

      I grew up in NYC and have lived in Newark for 30 years. Truthfully it does not have a lot of charm. There is Main Street which tries but mostly caters to college students. The town is pretty and green but not amazing in any way. There are some eating places. In addition to Ellen's suggestions there is a decent sort of up scale Italian place, Vietnamese, middle eastern, Mexican etc. These are all in town.
      However, all is not lost. Newark is a great location. Philadelphia and Baltimore are very close. DC and NYC are 2 hours away. The Beach (Rehoboth) is less that 1 hour. Also Wilmington is starting to become more interesting.
      I second Ellen's suggestion that you come on down for a day or so, walk around and see if you can be comfortable here. I would suggest that having a car would be useful since public transport around Newark is poor. If you would like to talk a bit (or I would be glad to show you around a bit) feel free to email me directly at ksheedyatvoicenetdotcom.

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      1. re: kass

        Could you be any nicer? I think the answer is clear. We'll keep your incredibly kind offer in mind, and definitely would drive down. Thank you for that and for your perspective.

        1. re: kiwi

          Kiwi - just get in touch when the time comes.

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          I think when I said "charming" I'm partially speaking from my youthful memories of the place ;-) My dad taught at UD & we used to have father-daughter lunches at the Malt Shoppe, tuna salad sandwich and a chocolate malt. Sadly, the Shoppe is no more -- long ago got replaced by that horrible mini-mall thing that has the Gap -- ICK!

          When I go back to visit we usually stroll along Main St., have some gelato at Cafe Gelato (pretty yummy) and talk about the "good ol' days", sigh...

          Newark was a pretty good place to grow up but not sure I'd wanna live there now.

          1. re: EllenH

            Ah, yes, the Malt Shoppe... I worked there in the 70's. It was the coolest place in town, which, in Newark, wasn't really saying much. But it was real. How about the Greasy spoon (aka Deluxe Luncheonette) while we're at it?

            1. re: nhalloran

              Grilled buns. Oh, yeah!!

              Welcome to Chowhound.

        3. Kiwi- Did you make the move?

          I moved down from NYC this year (2005). I ask everyone I meet where the good food is...mostly I get directions to Philly. That gets annoying after the 10th time. I have, however, found one outstanding place in Newark. It's a mile or two NE of town - I believe the road is "Kirkwood Hwy". Delicious Korean barbecue. It is the only place I've found so far that I am looking forward to going back to.

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          1. re: James

            Replying to a somewhat old post...almost a year, but I would love to know the name of this Korean BBQ, or any updated restaurant recommendations in Newark specifically, as opposed to Wilmington. I realize it isn't a dining Mecca, but have a great reason these days to visit, a student! We all love Korean BBQ, although the pretty simple stuff such as BBQ meats, chicken and veggies and some sides, but nothing too exotic for us. Thanks!

          2. The Korean BBQ is in Liberty Plaza on Kirkwood Hwy. (302) 455-9100. They also have a good Mexican ice cream store located in the same shopping center.

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            1. re: bluehensfan

              Although we didn't sample the BBQ, the stews and soups we tried (kimchi and doenjang chigaes; ddukguk) were very mediocre - extremely salty and lacking any depth of flavor. To boot several of us were left with upset stomachs. At least the servers were friendly. Perhaps the BBQ is a different story. Sure hope so!

            2. I am a born and bred NY'er and an ex-Blue Hen (went to U of D in the early 90's). While it in no way compares to NYC it has some decent places to eat and isnt far from Baltimore or Philly or even NYC when you are in need of a serioud foodie fix. I always loved Alison's (an all you can eat salad bar) as well as Capriotti's for subs. There was a really good restaurant near the Wilmington Campus (Christine's maybe?) and a few goos places in Kennet Square, PA which is pretty close. I heard that Ryan Phillipe is opening a place in Wilmingtonm and you can't beat Klondike Kate's or the Deer Park for nachos