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Sep 1, 2004 01:11 AM

Princeton Restaurants

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I generally agree with the previous posts. Princeton is not a great dining out town - just OK. Here are my preferences:

Best Overall: Ferry House
Close Second (if you can stand the noise level): La Mezzaluna (Italian)
Avoid at all costs: Lahiere's
Best Small Restaurant / BYOB: La Terazza (Spanish / Italian)
Best Indian: Palace of Asia (Lawrenceville)
Best Asian: Soonja's (sushi, Korean, Thai)
Best Value: The Annex
Best Pub: The Alchemist & Barrister
Best Breakfast: PJ's Pancake House
Best Mexican: Mexican Village
Best Pizza: Conte's (not New York pizza though)
Best Ice Cream: Halo Pub
Best Sandwhich: Hoagie Haven

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  1. Do you realize that the original owner, George, is out of business and that the landlord, as I understand, forced him out, took his business, his name, and no more original Hoagie Haven. Raised the prices too!!!

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    1. re: Lolly

      Is this true? I live in California now, but visited the Haven last week and found it to be the same as always. If the prices were raised, it couldn't have been that substantial. The bread and hoagie construction have not changed at all as far as I could tell.

    2. Decent pics. As a 10 year resident of downtown Princeton, I would change only a few....

      La Mezzaluna isn't even a close second to Ferry House. Eaten there 3 times and had bad food and service all three. We almost got up and walked out once because of the horrendous service.

      Best Indian (downtown): Kalluri Korner
      Best Asian: Ajihei (perhaps best in all central NJ)
      Best Value: Hoagie Haven (The Annex is closed)
      Best Pizza: Old World Pizza (not NY style)
      Best Ice Cream: The Bent Spoon (hands down)

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      1. re: frackit

        I'm going to agree with you hands down about Ajihei.
        Soonja's is awful. I've been there several times and have never had a good experience, food or service-wise.
        Ajihei's fish is leaps and bounds ahead of that used at Soonja's.

      2. Never disappoints - Teresa's Cafe Italiano - Princeton NJ
        The restaurant is small but wonderful.

        A Good Expensive Steak - Ruth Chris - Princeton NJ
        Huge Cozy dim lit Dining Room
        Everything is Ala Cart here Chop Salad - Crabtini - Julianne Potatoes good picks

        Salt Creek Grill - Princeton NJ
        Great Kobe Burger and Garlic Fries
        Very LOUD dining room

        The Princeton area definitely has room for creative culinary entrepreneurs!

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