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Feb 7, 2002 02:08 PM

New Greek and French in Noe Valley

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Any comments on Yianni's or Le Zinc in Noe Valley?

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  1. m
    Melanie Wong

    Here's a link to one recent post.


    1. Ate at Yianni's a month or two ago. My overall impression was good -- the service was excellent, and the food was tasty: I had lamb, and I can't remember what my girlfriend ordered. Probably the lamb. (Sorry, didn't know about Chowhound when I went; otherwise I would have taken better notes!)

      In general I found it quite reasonably priced and liked it. The lamb was very good. My main complaint has nothing to do with the restaurant, really: it's just that I hate cheese, and a lot of people seemed to be ordering what I'm sure was a lovely macaroni-and-cheese type item. But for me it made it hard to concentrate on my food because of the smell.

      Try it and let us know what you think.