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Feb 7, 2002 11:47 AM

Outer Sunset Recommendation?

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Does anyone have a nice, inexpensive favorite out in the O.S.? And if so, what dishes do you really like? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanh Long, the Vietnamese crab place is way out on Judah (42nd?). They also own Crustacean, but this is nicer. Salt and pepper crabs and garlic noodles. There's other food too, but that's what to order. Not cheap but worth it.

    1. I like Cajun Pacific on Irving and 47th. Their Cajun food is good by SF standards and rather inexpensive. Gigantic delicious bread puddings.

      There were a couple of posts about Cajun Pacific -- a search will pull up more details.

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        My roommates & I used to frequent Cajun Pacific at least once a month and loved it both for the food (good food, large portions) and the inexpensive prices. We didn't make it for awhile and I went back on two separate occasions several months ago (after they received their beer & wine license) and was disappointed at 1) the cost of the wine, and 2) it seems that the portions has gotten smaller. Has anyone else noticed this?

        1. re: Limster

          My fave in the outer sunset is Golden Gate Pizza, at 46th & Judah, which doubles as an Indian/barbecue place. Can't speak for the bbq or regular pizza, but their Indian food and Indian pizza are both excellent. The place is a little short on ambiance tho, but they do have free delivery.

          Re: Cajun Pacific, my wife & I dined there a year or so ago and were grossly underwhelmed. The server seemed as tho she'd just gotten high, kept having to ask what we'd ordered. Our salads arrived without dressing, because, as she explained when she brought them, "they ran out of it". And my crawfish monica, a favorite from my trips to Jazzfest, was little more than macaroni and cheeze with crawfish added. We haven't been back since (can you blame us?).

          But was this experience out of the norm? Should we give it a second chance?

          1. re: Jimmy Hoffa

            I hope that your experience at Cajun Pacific was merely an instance of bad luck, but the salad minus dressing is a bad sign -- I'm glad I didn't have to contend with someting like that.

            I've had good luck with their gumbo, fluffly jambalaya and bread pudding. I haven't eaten in New Orleans and can't offer an educated comparison, but I brought in a knowledgable buddy there on my first trip who thought the gumbo was surprisingly good by SF standards.

            If you're willing to give them a second chance, the gumbo might be worth trying. (Get the full meat gumbo -- the vegetarian gumbo there was horrible - one dimensional and overly sweet.)

            1. re: Limster
              Zach Georgopoulos

              I had an excellent experience there with a cup of Gumbo and a stuffed pork chop. Gumgo not op to NoLa standards, but then again what is? I'd give the place another try -- sounds like maybe it was an off night.

        2. A while ago, I posed a question to the board regarding restaurants on Irving street. The link below is to Limster's thorough response regarding restaurants west of 19th ...

          I can only attest to Sunrise Deli, which has delicious falafels, and to Yum Yum fish, which has been discussed at length on this board.


          1. Well, for chinese food i would recommend Riverside Seafood on Vicente and 23rd. Their Ox tail Stew is simply amazing.

            And there are a lot of chowhoundish restaurants between 40th and Taravel. Win's chinese is decent and not pricey. If i go, i usually order the special fried rice and noodle plates that are not served in other restaurants.

            Bamboo Garden also on the same block serves a decent vietnamese pho for a very good price. I sometimes would order the pho or the Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef stew over rice sticks in soup) which also is not bad for the price.