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ISO Bay Area breakfast places

Steve Brooks Feb 6, 2002 09:44 PM

A group of Bay Area long-distance motorcycle riders are looking for breakfast places for monthly get-togethers. We usually number 10-15 and would need seating to accommodate us, either a large table or a room. Good food is a must, value preferable, anywhere from San Jose to Napa. Any suggestions?

Steve Brooks
Lafayette, CA

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    Melanie Wong RE: Steve Brooks Feb 6, 2002 10:57 PM

    Gosh, Steve, sounds like you missed last week's issue of ChowNews for the San Francisco Bay Area. The savvy editor summarized and highlighted the top picks of breakfast and brunch spots from the South Bay to Healdsburg in the wine country.

    You can subscribe or view a sample copy via the link below.

    Link: http://chowhound.safeshopper.com/23/c...

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Steve Brooks RE: Melanie Wong Feb 7, 2002 01:35 PM

      Uh, thanks. I'm new here and would still appreciate suggestions.


      1. re: Steve Brooks
        Melanie Wong RE: Steve Brooks Feb 7, 2002 01:47 PM

        While you're waiting for others to jump in with some suggestions, you can self-service on the site by doing a search. This question comes up every few weeks and there are many, many recommendations already posted that may help you out. You can search by subject by loading the entire message index, and using the "find" function in your browser for either "breakfast" or "brunch". Linked below is a recent discussion for Healdsburg that I found just that way.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    2. s
      susan blair RE: Steve Brooks Feb 7, 2002 03:00 PM

      I see you are in Lafayette. Lots of people like Millie's Kitchen.

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      1. re: susan blair
        Steve Brooks RE: susan blair Feb 7, 2002 06:10 PM

        Millie's would be too small for a group. Personally, I don't care too much for Millie's Kitchen. I've been a Lafayette resident for 19 years and have eaten there maybe 5 or 6 times. Every time, I've found it overcrowded (it's small), difficult parking, line too long on weekends, hurried service, weak coffee and over-priced. True, it is a locals hang-out that I think reminds people of a small-town cafe, but it's not my cup of tea.

        1. re: Steve Brooks
          susan blair RE: Steve Brooks Feb 7, 2002 06:19 PM

          Fair enough. We don't go there either. They overcook their eggs. The better breakfast places that spring to mind are all relatively small. I will think on it. Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley might be an option.

      2. b
        Barb RE: Steve Brooks Feb 8, 2002 02:41 PM

        I would suggest McNear's in Petaluma. Breakfast is only served on Saturday and Sunday, and starts at the leisurely hour of 9 a.m. They have ample seating outside (where you can watch traffic roaring up and down Petaluma Blvd) and inside. The homemade corned beef hash is good and they have daily specials.

        Having said that, I should add that I have not been back ever since they removed the Brandied French Toast from the permanent menu ... some sniveling excuse about limited grill space. On the day I made this unhappy discovery there were at least two other tables complaining about the deletion.

        Link: http://www.mcnears.com

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