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May 7, 2004 11:25 AM

Lilly's or No. 9 in Lambertville? Any suggestions

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As the weather gets nicer and we venture out, we like to walk around Lambertville and have received some recommendations to eat at Lilly's and No. 9. Anyone been to either place recently and have some suggestions or comments on what not to miss? Thanks!

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  1. I have been to 9 it was wonderful!

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      Both are good, actually. No. 9 is great for a quiet meal for two while Lilly's is more fun if you have a bunch of people to share dishes with. It's also larger then No. 9, which can feel cramped if the dining room is full.

    2. Pleased to say we had two good meals on two nights in Lambertville--both places were very good and worth trying IMHO. Lilly's was more spacious, No. 9 was crowded and more inventive--At Lilly's we enjoyed a delicious fish special (red snapper, $20 I think, served over wonderful grilled/roasted veggies) and baby lamb chops ($16, sounded too cheap), after a huge salad with fresh greens, nuts, bacon and poached egg(!) and a special appy of mozzerella and veggies. Desserts looked awesome, our table devoured a shared piece of chocolate cake and strawberries with whipped cream. Next night: The short ribs at No. 9 were soooo good, falling off the bone good ($24). Also had a great halibut dish, well seasoned. Started with a shrimp cobb salad (very nice; $12). Love the BYOB for each.

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        Ate at Lilly's on Saturday. I like the place and the atmosphere but like the other 2-3 times I've eaten there (thought we'd try it again) the food just wasn't right. Overcooked (asked for med rare fish and lamb) and a bit cool. Service also slow. Nice place though.

      2. We love both, although they're very different.

        No. 9 - good for a quiet meal for two. Larger parties tend to get very cramped since the dining room is microscopic. The short ribs are amazing and their specials tend to be top notch. However, we've had some serious service issues in the past, mainly due to their size (being asked to leave as soon as we put our forks down after dessert, seating a party of 5 at a table for 4 when there was a table for 6 available that was later sat with only 4 people).

        Lilly's - this is a fun spot for lunch (the Cuban sandwich is very good and their fries are excellent). We've only been for dinner a few times, but we enjoy that as well. Beware of the special prices, though. We once ordered a special pasta entree (which was recited without prices) and it ended up being $30. Not at all comparable to their other pasta selections.

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          I have to disagree with your description of the space at No. 9. Small? Yes. Microscopic? Not in my view. But I guess if you're comparing it to Lilly's, that might seem to be the case. We've never had any service problems. However, to be fair, we've only been there mid-week when they were not very busy. And I totally agree with you about the short ribs, which is their signature dish.