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Apr 27, 2004 02:01 PM

Stewarts Drive-Ins

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Going to Stewarts for hot dogs and root beer is one of my fondest childhood memories -- that was major eating out for us kids. The waitress would come up to the car and hang the tray with our order on the window. Back then they would serve the root beer in ice cold frosty glass mugs. I had a good crabcake sandwich recently at the one on 130 in Burlington, and I especially love their rootbeer floats. There are 8 in central Jersey and they still look the same. Some of them still offer tray service!

Stewart's Drive-In, 578 Highway 33, Trenton, NJ

Stewart's Drive-In, 2653 US Highway 1, Lawrenceville, NJ

Stewart's Drive-In, 50 Scotch Rd, Trenton, NJ

Stewart's Drive-In Tray Svc, 801 Route 130 S, Burlington, NJ

Stewart's Root Beer Drive-In, 2551 Highway 27, Franklin Park, NJ

Stewart's Drive-In, 235 Main St, Lebanon, NJ

Stewart's Drive-In, State Route 34, Farmingdale, NJ

Stewart's Root Beer Drive In, 347 Jaques Ave, Rahway, NJ

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    Val Ann C (formerly Val G)

    Here are two more Stewarts. I love the root beer floats.

    Highlands -- 460 Route 36 -- northbound side
    They have drive-in service, shaded with a canopy.

    Hazlet -- Stewart's Root Beer of Hazlet
    274 State Route 36 (SOUTHBOUND)

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    1. re: Val Ann C (formerly Val G)

      There's a Stewarts in Old Bridge (or maybe it's East Brunswick) that has falafels!

      1. re: Val Ann C (formerly Val G)

        Yummy. There is a Stewarts in Williamson, West Va, When I lived in Stepptown and my Aunt and I would stop and grab a few dos with famous Stewarts chlie, and an ice cold mug of rootbeer.Even if it was freezing weather.....

        I thought I would like to master this chili and while I could not get theirs I worked on my own and i'll share it with you.

        5LB Ground meat I like the chuck. Put in pot and cruble it up. Cover with water and boil until done.

        drain the water . The add 2 packs of McCormick mild chili powders and mix well. Then add 2 cans of tomatoes sauce and simmer til ready to eat. You may have to add more tomatoe paste to thin consistency.

        For those who love onions , you can finely chop onions and cook with hamburger meat too, or for ths who just do not like the onions themself you can spinkle some minced onions flakes to season, use salt and pepper also.

        I have just made a batch for our church Praise party tonight. Let me know if you like it .

      2. There's also a Stewart's on River Road in Kearny. In fact, for those that like or love the show they filmed an episode of the Soprano's at the Kearny location.


        1. There's a Stewart's on Route 79, in Matawan.

          1. Back to Sopranos'country -- another Stewart's on Rt. 17 South in, probably, Hasbrouck Heights a little bit south of Bada Bing (The Party Box) near the Bendix Diner at the Rt. 46 intersection.

            1. Umm... Amusment rides... surf... Root beer float...

              Don't forget the Stewart's in Point Pleasant Beach (B'way, near the Point).