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Mar 14, 2004 03:39 PM

Best BBQ in Richmond, VA

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What's everybody's thoughts on the best BBQ places in Richmond, VA? I've been to the following:

Scale 1-10

1) Benny's (7)
2) Chillin & Grillin (7)
3) Famous Dave's (8)
4) Bill's BBQ (4)
5) Hanks (7)
6) Andy's (7, BBQ only)
7) Red Hot & Blue (7)
8) Smokey Pig (6, WAY over-rated)
9) Allmans (7)
10) Dunn's Drive-Inn (5)

Still lookin' for the place that's just awesome.



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  1. Here's another vote for rockin' Benny's! I'm glad to see they are still there. I have fond memories of that place!

    1. Haven't tried Benny's, but the others fail, most miserably, at producing barbecue. Roasted and/or boiled meat with (maybe) a little smoke blown over it doesen't make barbecue. For some reason real barbecue is hard to find in the Commonwealth. They've been raising and cookin' pigs there for 400 years! Is Allman's still open?

      1. None of those places comes even close to Buz & Ned's (on Boulevard just south of the Diamond).

        Extra Billy's can serve some good q, also.

        1. The Va Barbeque Co
          752.4838 & 752.5939
          600 england st, ashland, VA 23005

          1. Try Virginia Barbecue Company in Ashland...way better than smokey pig

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              Benny's on the south side (never on Sunday) They are one of the few that cooks on premises. get the dinner specials, cheap. Don't listen to others.