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Mar 7, 2004 07:42 AM

Charlotte, NC

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We will be visiting Charlotte, NC in a couple of weeks. Could anyone suggest the top two or three steak or seafood houses? Thanks. Dick

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    Brent Kulman

    Top Steak houses:

    McIntosh's - (South End)- locally owned
    Palm - SouthPark
    Sullivan's - South End
    Capital Grille - Downtown
    Morton's - Downtown

    Top Seafood:

    Upstream - SouthPark
    La Vecchia's - Downtown
    Aquavina - Downtown

    (all locally owned)

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    1. re: Brent Kulman

      Just FYI - Greg McIntosh closed his restaurant a few months back - too bad, I worked there for 4 years and it was great!

      There are many non-steak places that are worth it. My attitude is that with a really hot grill - anyone can have great steak at home.

      Other places to try are:


      Check them out!

    2. Some of the best steak and seafood in Charlotte isn't found at all the steakhouses. If you want the atmosphere of a steakhouse and good food the best is Mcintoshes. Independently owned. If you want good quality and a variety go to The Fig Tree. They have a great elk chop and some of the best seafood I've ever had. Avoid going to the chains. You won't get a taste of Charlotte there.

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      1. re: Same_Paige

        Definitely try the Beef and Bottle on South Boulevard!

        Inside creature features remind me of the restaurant scene out of "Goodfellas" movie with Joe Pesci!

        Great atmosphere, good cocktails, Sinatra music, super beef!

      2. You may try eating out at Vivace opened in Midtown, Charlotte. It’s a contemporary Italian restaurant which offers some excellent variety of Italian traditional dishes and wine.

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        1. re: Mark5474

          Is this another ad for Vivace? At least its short, unlike the last one.