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Feb 5, 2002 10:23 PM

Pasteurized eggs

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In my local Trader Joe's (San Mateo) yesterday I noticed the pasteurized eggs for the first time and had to try them. I didn't think it would be fair to compare them directly to the organic eggs I usually buy so I also picked up a 12 pack of Trader Joe's Cage Free white eggs. Now I have 2 dozen of what will most likely be mediocre eggs. Kind of a bummer but I'm making a sacrifice for science.

Davidson's Pasteurized Eggs white $1.89 per dozen. (


Trader Joe's Cage Free white $1.79 per dozen.

The first thing I notice on cracking them into the pan was the color and size of the yolks. The Davison's egg had a larger and more richly colored yolk. The whites of both were slightly cloudy. The box claims that the pasteurization process causes the white to become slightly cloudy. Since these looked about the same I wondered if other eggs are also pasteurized but don't advertise the fact.

I cooked a little of the whites separately and they turned out to be equally bland. The larger richer yolk carried the davidson's egg and it was clearly better. I don't think that yolk size always wins but I do believe that it is an advantage.

I was surprised by the results and enjoyed a good caesar dressing to celebrate. However, the flavors pale in comparison to the better browns and I can't wait to be done with them so I can get some good brown organics. :)

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  1. interesting experiment.

    i often wonder if we did a blind tasting of brown and white eggs if we'd find we had a preference or if a lot of it's in our minds. i know i for one only buy organic, brown eggs feeling conventional white eggs are inferior. but i have no proof.

    i often have the supreme pleasure of getting a dozen or two farm eggs from a friends "farm" in atherton. now these eggs rock! nothing at all like store eggs, even organic. and the delicious, raw egg ceasar dressing they make-ummm. and i'd swear my baked goods are better for me using the farm eggs. and talk about yolks, brilliant, huge and Yellow. such a treat.